Celebrating eight weeks of...


September 29, 2013
I'm 8 weeks old and wearing my Sewyog Langha Chanda Ajji made for me and I put on all my jewelry!

Dadu brought me back a super cute dress from Puerto Rico, maybe next time he'll take me with him! I got to meet Satpal Dadu who brought me more presents.

October 1, 2013
The month started out with a visit from Mama's NYC roommate Neha Aunty. We got on well and spent the afternoon at Lincoln Center taking in the sun and dozing off to the sound of the fountain.

October 2, 2013
Cute pics of me.

October 3, 2013
Rahul Mama has been working really late with his new job so I haven't seen him in a month. I said "uhn" to him and gave him a "'sup" head nod to acknowledge that he was new and should come and see me more often.

I went to the Doctor for my 2 month shots today. Everything was great until Mama betrayed me and the nurse stabbed me three times! I screamed bloody murder and turned red for a minute or two, then I was really good the rest of the day. Papa was lucky and got to skip my shots because he was in Arizona for work. He can take me for my 4 month shots! I grew a pound and an inch, and Dr. Sanford said I am advanced for my age because I was talking and laughing with her.

October 4,2013
I'm officially 2 months old today. Some fun things I've mastered are discovering my hands and my long fingers. I love kicking my crib to make my mobile shake. I am getting to know all my stuffed animals which I greet each morning. My hair is starting to grow a little! I've outgrown my newborn clothes and am getting too long (but not chubby enough) for some of my 0-3 mos. outfits. I have Papa wrapped around my finger and he jumps up to come cuddle me if I even slightly whimper at night. I am starting to realize that it's no fun putting myself to sleep for naps, so I make Mama rock me to sleep these days. My all time favorite activity is still taking a hot bath, I HATE when Mama takes me out of the tub. I am starting to listen to stories when Mama reads to me, I don't turn away as much anymore. I also love itsy bitsy spider, wheels on the bus, and old McDonald and watching Mama dance to Spanish Bop. I spend a lot of time in Central Park, though I'm a city girl and prefer the streets of New York to trees. I can entertain myself for good chunks of time in my crib or on a play mat, I make cat sounds every so often to remind Mama not to ignore me too much though. I still love when anyone pulls my Ele musical toy Kim Aunty sent me, I'm smart enough to know that the music comes from the elephant, and I always look towards it when the music starts, no mater where I am. I have started talking non-stop and laugh and converse with anyone and everyone.

October 5,2013
Today I spent the in Central Park. Sujata Aunty took us up to parts I had not ventured out to yet, and we had lunch in a cute gazebo.

I'm super smiley in the mornings! My strategy is to be super cute so Papa can't stop hanging out with me and go to work late :)