Making friends, meeting family.


Aug. 9, 2013
Getting to know my nursery.

Here's Shaan, Kavan, Thalin and now Me, all wearing the same outfit, and it still looks brand new!

Manj and Mara time, we'll be good friends

I looked right at Papa and gave him a big welcome home from work smile!

Hanging out in my crib with all my stuffed animals.

August 10, 2013
I don't really like this tummy time thing.

Dadi, Dadu, Ammamma, Ishween Buaji, Arun Phupharji, Jaspal Dadi and Satinderpal Dadu were all here to celebrate my 6 day Birthday with a cake and yummy Rasgoolas (that Mama thoroughly enjoyed!)

Ishween Bhuaji sure knows how to select the cutest dresses and ballet slippers for me!

Here's Papa multitasking again.

Beth Aunty, Zach Uncle, and my friends Sammy and Julia stopped by to meet me! Can't wait for play dates with Julia! I'm glad Beth Aunty taught Papa how to secure me in the Baby Bjorn.