Time flies: I'm two weeks old!


August 18, 2013
My soft and fluffy bunny is my new favorite pillow.. Nikhil, Kaya and Victoria sure knew how to make my week!

Lisa Aunty got to hold me for a few minutes while my new friend Sameer was showing off his new walking skills. Sameer's not so sure about me yet..he seems to prefer playing with his empty snack pouch.

I like hanging out in Mama and Papa's bed.

August 20, 2013
I'm very active in the morning and like making funny faces.

August 23, 2013
Thanks to the case of the missing passport, Rashmi Masi and my big brother Thalin got to come to New York and see me (and get her a Visa too)! Thalin was curious about a new little person for him to finally boss around, but definitely did not want to share Ammamma with me.

I got all dressed up for lunch at Fiorello's, and Rashmi Masi captured some nice photos of me.

Rashmi Masi was dying to hold me, but unfortunately couldn't because of her bad cold.

Harry Uncle, Megha Aunty, and Anjali came over to meet me. Anjali loved me so much she gave me a kiss!

August 24, 2013
I got a birthday cake for Dadi and helped her cut it and blow out the candles.

I even put on my party dress. Dadu, Dadi, and Papa couldn't take their eyes off of me..

Then we all went to brunch at Landmark.

I went to Central Park and watched Thalin play in the playground. Can't wait until I get to ride on the swings too!

I drank out of a bottle for the first time, I took it down like an old pro!