A Mask of Shadows


at first wanting to come to your heart

like a long lost friend

gathering for the first time in forever

but then breaches down the door

blows through the walls of your heart

forces itself in

like S.W.A.T on a mission

busting down doors

revealing secrets

leaving brokenness

and openness

all to learn a lesson

no choice

all forced on you

leaving the fun behind

all seriousness

wanting your secrets

needing your secrets

your personal feelings

stealing them by force

breaking them down

forcing itself into your heart

until there is nothing left but the rhymes

it breaks into your heart by force leaving you no option

forcing you to tell your secrets and emotions

like a tourteror to a torchiere

forcing you to tell your secrets

leaving you broken

leaving you hurt

as you’re forced to tell

and write stories of your misfortune

or of happiness

or of regret

all forced out of you

leaving you open and weak

hoping to not start again

as it finally leaves you to your self

but soon to come again

to breach the walls of your heart

no longer as a friend

but as a spy

in need of information

forcing you to tell




and missed opportunities

forced upon you

feeling like a mouse in a maze

looking for the cheese

redemption and freedom

only to realise that there is no escape

that there is no escape

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