ISTE 2015

The ISTE 2015 Conference is moving me and my teaching forward.  Some of the questions I pose here might appear to be specific to my school district but I encourage you to post a thought or advice to help me continue to grow as an educator.

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Top 3 Takeaways

1.  Making

The Hilltop Library Makerspace Today...a flexible space to play and learn.

The Future of the Hilltop Library Makerspace...

The Maker Mentors club, a collaboration between the HilltopLibrary and the Beachwood High School library club will launch beginning in the 2015 school year. High School students will travel to Hilltop after school to lead maker activities with elementary students. Our meetings, planned as Maker Mondays will be student-led and created, based on beginning of the year planning sessions with the high school students and interest surveys of the elementary students. With an eye on STEAM, we can't wait to see how our Maker Mondays develop.

In media class students have always participated in Petting Zoo days that require a production of some sort. Our offerings continue to expand.

New equipment is meant to be shared. Schedule a time to come to the library with your class and MAKE!

ISTE provided me with the time and access to experiences and tools that were brand-new or I had only researched.  I know I have my new favorites! What might benefit our students in a Makerspace?

2. Teacher Led Professional Development

We, the teachers, decide professional development topics. Here's an oldie but new to me strategy called the Gripe Jam  by Jennie Magiera.  And...teacher IEPs! What are your thoughts about incorporating the Gripe Jam and/or  teacher IEPs  into our professional learning communities?

One  tool I want to learn more about is Swivl. It works with a iPad to track and video the movement of a person. As I was reading #Notice and Note for a summer book study, I started thinking about kids using this tools to model discussions, finding signposts, practicing fluency. And, I want to see some of my colleagues teach but I'm teaching at the same time. Could we video some mini-lessons to share during PLC time?  Swivl is a bit pricey, but I just found out we happen to have one in our district I can demo. How can a video capture tool enhance professional development in such a way that it's worth our time investment?

3. Programming

In 2013, Gamestar Mechanic, an online site where students build video games and in the process learn coding was introduced in media class.

In 2014, students participated in the hour of code promoted by and started using it's curriculum, along with s

In 2015, Sphero was introduced into our media classes. At ISTE Tynker, and iPad app and online programming curriculum and the Sphero SPRK lessons were new takeaways. These tools can both program the Sphero robot, with Tynker providing even more of a rich experience.

How do computer programming and robotics fit into our elementary curriculum?

Focusing on Formative Assessment

Our Poster Session



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