The Amazing Story of You

Where You and Everything Else Comes From

An Origin Story

The Amazing Story of You is a beautifully illustrated origin story that spans from the beginning of time until the birth of the child reading it. It inspires awe in children with scientific facts of their creation: That they are full of stars, the product of 4 billion years of evolution, and connected to all life on Earth. In an effort to be honest with children, the 34 page book only includes current scientific thought about our origin and place in the universe.

The book is still in process, but is nearing completion, and will (hopefully) release before December 2014 as an eBook. A physical hard copy will (again, hopefully) release in early 2015. There are also several other secular humanist books in the works as well.

Get a peek at the book by following this link: It could all change, so any text or images are not necessarily final.

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Once the book is complete I will provide links to purchase it from this page. Thanks so much for taking a look!

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