Ambien – the most effective hypnotic drug

The state of sleep is an essential and integral part of human existence and its disorders affect all spheres of human activity, whether physical activity, cognitive activity or social interaction. One of the most common sleep disorders - is insomnia. The prevalence of insomnia, according to numerous studies in the general population is 20-48%. Among the older age groups, these sleep disturbances are more frequent, reaching 70%. The most pronounced forms of insomnia, forcing the resort to receive chronic sleeping pills, in the population reach 12%. Therefore, insomnia can be regarded as one of the most common clinical syndromes in a population, along with headache and backache.

Relatively recently (late 80's) into clinical practice were introduced no benzodiazepine hypnotics. They currently remain the most safe and effective representatives of hypnotics.

Ambien - a selective blocker of subtype w1-GABA receptors-complex does not bind to other subtypes of receptors, both central and peripheral. Differs from other no benzodiazepine drugs by the lowest toxicity. Ambien sleeping pills are not addictive and don’t violate the daytime wakefulness. It will be enough to say, that Ambien side effects on the frequency did not differ from placebo. In connection with the short half-life Ambien can be recommended not only for use before bedtime, but during the night in patients with intrasomnic disorders, awakening in 2-3 hours at night.

Ambien medication reduces the time for sleep and wakefulness in sleep, increases the representation of the delta sleep and REM sleep - the most important components in a functional sense of sleep. Typically, morning awakening after taking the recommended dose of Ambien, has no signs of drowsiness, lethargy and weakness.

After Ambien therapy it has been noted significant changes:

  • improvement of subjective sleep parameters;
  • reducing anxiety;
  • increase in the duration of sleep;
  • decrease in the latent period of the first sleep stage, i.e., the acceleration of falling asleep;
  • an increase of 4th stage and delta sleep;
  • decrease of sleep index, i.e., the overall structure of sleep is better.

Well, Ambien most closely fits the parameters of an effective hypnotic drug.

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