Ambit Energy Corporation

Ambit Energy Corporation Operates in United Kingdom, Canada, Nigeria

Ambit Energy Corporation has positioned itself to take advantage of one of the largest petroleum systems in the world in an efficient and tax-effective manner. Thanks to the dual citizenship status of its founder, the organization, which operates offices in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Nigeria, can much more effectively navigate the regulatory environment in Nigeria. The primary oil and gas opportunity Ambit Energy Corporation focuses on is the Niger Delta, which has the capacity to produce millions of barrels a day.

Ambit's ambitions extend beyond effective use of the Niger Delta Basin, however. The company is determined to become the strongest company of its kind in Nigeria, using its technical and financial advantages to enhance both its own success and that of other oil and gas organizations in the country. It also has invested significant time and effort in developing a company-wide code of ethics and solid environmental practices, making itself a good neighbor to individuals living and working in the country.

The Role of Exploration and Production Firms in the Energy Industry

Headquartered in Calgary, Ambit Energy Corporation is an international energy company with offices in Nigeria and the United Kingdom. Ambit Energy Corporation has a specialized focus in oil and gas exploration and production (E&P) projects in West Africa. A specific segment of the energy industry, E&P firms engage in finding, producing, and marketing oil and gas.

E&P companies comprise the upstream sector of the oil and gas industry, with the other sectors being midstream and downstream. While companies in the midstream sector are responsible for transporting and storing oil and gas products, downstream companies focus on refining and marketing activities.

Although E&P activities bear high risk, they also offer potential for significant financial returns. Typically, E&P firms collaborate with owners of the energy resources, oil field service companies, joint venture partners, and various contractors, such as engineering procurement and construction firms. During the oil and gas production process, E&Ps often gather large amounts of data and build infrastructure.