**Miami, Florida**

Look if you come to Miami,Florida i'll give u a free tour as long as you can proof it's your first time here!

Here's some music for u to listen to while your looking through my tackk!

Even lil wayne's been to Miami,Florida!

Every hotel gives u a FREE night if you stay more then 2 days! You cant get that no where else!

Here's a little sneak peek for your kids!

I went to Miami, Florida my Spring break and i loved it it's fun for kids of all ages from baby's to adults!

Here's a little sneak peek of what your missing out on! I've been there myself & it actually does look like this but way better!
This clothing won't ever be necessary!
Here's a little sneak peek of the shopping center! There's really good prices & stores

There u go i even sited my sources for you!Untitled document - Google Docs

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2 years ago

The weather in Miami, Florida is basically the same as here! but it's mostly always sunny!