Genghis Khan? Genghis Kill.

1. Killing of millions of innocent people/ burning of cities

2. Rape of women and nuns

3. Militaristic lifestyle

Genghis Khan should be portrayed as a negative model, yet some people continue to emphasize the slightest positive aspects of his reign. Genghis Khan killed millions and millions of innocent people in his quest to conquer neighboring territories. After taking control of a region, he always burned the existing city to the ground. In addition, Genghis Khan was involved in the rape of many young girls and even nuns. Today, his blood line can be directly traced to more than 17 million descendants. Lastly, Genghis Khan has acquired the title of having the "most brutal army of his time." Military conditions were unpredictable and force fed to every soldier, no option of personal life remained in Genghis Khan's growing empire.

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