welcome on my page!

this is my cat
it's him when he was young

hi everyone,

Hi everyone, my name is Amélie, i'm 14 years old, i was born on the november 27th in 1999.

I live in Hellemmes (near Lille, in the north of France)I have a little brother, his name is Raphael and he's got 10 years old.I have a cat, his name is Lucky

My school is "lycee Fenelon" in Lille and i'm in seconde .The languages that i choosed are English, German and Italien.

In my free time i like playing guitar or surfing on the web .

i love listening music (everything except classical music )

In my summer holidays i was in Belgium, it was very cool, i was with a lot of friends and we played together for one month. After i was with my family during 2 weeks with 2 of my cousins and it was very cool!

I hope to see you soon, bye !

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3 years ago

Hey Amélie! Cool tackk! I have a brother as well, we get along really well. What about you and your brother? I also like listening to music. Some genres that I like to listen to are alternative rock, and country pop. Hope to talk to you soon :)
Athena Dulot

3 years ago

pas d'audio? Dommage. :)