American Revolution/Georgia's Reactions

Georgia was very happy after The Seven Years War ended.All was peaceful,new land,but Brittan wasn't so happy.They had to deal with the debt they were in and had to put out stamps otherwise known as the stamp act and everyone in the colony's including Georgia wasn't happy.Even more reactions to changes and eventually a war began.   

What later happened after protests were the Intolerable Acts which Georgia really only cared about the Quartering act.Which made the colonists house,feed and tend to the British soldiers.Georgia as a starting colony was not happy about this because they weren't so rich on resources to feed and house soldier let alone their family's.The other acts Georgia was okay with.

Now Georgia was invited to the First Continental Congress which out of 13 colony's Georgia did not go so it was only 12/13 colony's. You could say they were scared to go but mostly   undecided.What happened was they said they weren't going to war but preparing.Later on they were forced to go to the Second Continental Congress In which the other colony's basically said if you don't go we wont support you.So they went terrified,because if they sign the Declaration of Independence and they lose the war those 3 Georgians that signed will die.