Civil War

by Ryan Vetticad

Dear Journal,  (1)

The war has started, I always knew it would. My name is John Locke. This is my first day at the camp in Richmond. I'm only a private in the Confederate army but
I'll move up, I'm a good soldier. It's much more different here than back in Tennessee, back home the slaves did everything, here we have to do everything by ourselves, the slaves are only for the high officers. The stupid Union won't let us have our slaves and gave us no rights, that's why i'm fighting. Me, my wife, and children depend on the slaves. If the Union can't agree on that, then we'll fight for it.    

This is a picture of me, a proud confederate soldier. Armed with my rifle and bayonet I will serve my country.

Dear Journal, (2)

Today at the battle of Mananas I talked to a stupid union soldier.

John Smith: Skedaddle or I'm going take my Arkansas toothpick and run you through with it.

Me: You are fit to be tied, but we fight for greenbacks and our land. Now you move or i'll send a couple hornets.

John Smith: You guys are just a bunch of jailbirds rebelling from our country.

Me: We whipped you in this battle. Now skedaddle.

Dear Rachael, (3)

Life at camp is boring. I'm stationed in Richmond Virginia. We're in the middle of a clearing a couple of miles away from the city. Setting up camp was pretty hard, me and a couple of others put up the tents, others dug the latrines, the officers just stood and watched. Setting up camp took all of the first day, after that we drilled, drilled, and drilled. At first we drilled in companies, then we did brigades. In between drilling we had chores I was stuck as chef this week, do you know how hard it is to cook food for more than 1000 soldiers! Whenever I caught someone trying to steal food, the captains would make up the harshest punishments. One time a soldier who stole a loaf of bread had to walk around the whole camp with a sign labeled THIEF. It was very funny. I hope you and the kids are doing okay, write back soon. Bye

This is my flag. The blood red, navy blue, and ivory white has faded from work at battle. I respect it and will give it my life.

Dear Journal, (4

Today I meet another rebel, he was very young and his name was Jeremiah Handley. These are the questions I asked him.

Me: Jeremiah, when you chose to join the Confederacy, what caused you to make that choice?

Jeremiah: I wanted to join the south because I had more of a reason to join. I grew up with slavery and it was the way of life. The north had nothing for me.

Me: Jeremiah, looking back what is something in your life that you are proud or happy about?

Jeremiah: I am very proud of the moment when Union troops fired on us and I choose to set up a defensive line. We drove the Union back and won the skirmish. I was very proud of my decision in the heat of battle.

Me: Jeremiah, what is one thing about your life you wish had been different?

Jeremiah: I wish that I choose to go with my brother instead of staying behind. I would know where he would be right now if I did.

Me: Now that you are an officer, do you think it will be easier to find the whereabouts of your brother?

Jeremiah: I hope so, he could be anywhere, K.I.A. or M.I.A. being an officer might get me more connections. But it would take a miracle for me to find him


Every morning the first thing I see is the advanced companies training in the morning light.

Dear Journal, (5

Today me and a couple of buddies made up a good tune.

We,are the South

We,are the South

We,are the South

We, Fight for our Home

The Union won't let us have our slaves

So we'll fight the Yankees for them

They won't let us keep our land

So the rebels will have something for them

We,are the South

We,are the South

We,are the South

We, Fight for our Home

Dear Journal, (6

Camp is getting pretty boring. Aside from the constant drilling (which has gotten better over the past weeks), we don't have a lot of stuff to do in our free time. We gamble a lot, betting good food and chores. We also Wrestle and race. The food and water here is terrible. My favorite, well not favorite, the one I hate the least would be the hard tack. It is basically a hard, stale, cracker. We find a lot of bugs in it but I think it better than the rest of the food. The ingredients are flour, water, and worms. I hope the food will get better, but until then I think i'll manage.

We gamble a lot in our free time. We use cards and dice and will bet on almost anything.

Dear Journal, (7)

In camp if you got sick, you didn't stand much chance. I got shot in the leg once, but it was the side and they "fixed" it up okay, but there's still infection. I was lucky, others have been hit with a mine ball and their whole bones were cracked up. The doctors would most times amputate to save the victims. But the real killer was disease. Dysentery and typhoid fever killed so many good men.

Even though the Battles were few, they were catastrophic. Many good men died.

Dear Journal, (8)

I am going to avenge my family. When I came back to Tennessee there was nothing left, my whole town and farm was burned to the ground and my family... they were gone. I had to sleep on the rubble and don't know what to do. I have to find out what happened to my family, and I will murder the people who did this!

When I came back to Tennessee my town was burned to the ground, and my house was completely rubble.   

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