American Weapons Components

Mesa, Arizona’s American Weapons Components

A manufacturer and retailer of firearm components and tactical gear, American Weapons Components produces and sells a range of firearm-related products in the United States. Most of its products meet the definition of firearms components, including its vast array of high quality 80 percent lower receivers, allowed under the 1968 Gun Control Act ("GCA").

Specific parts carried by American Weapons Components include AR-15, AR-10, and 1911 lower receivers and jigs; triggers; and various stocks, bolts, barrels, and muzzle brakes. Everything you need to build your own firearm. The organization also sells a full line of tactical gear and equipment that ranges from rifle bags and weapons cases to armor-side-plate adapters and sling mounts.

American Weapons’ mission statement includes a pledge to support and defend the U.S. Constitution against all foreign and domestic enemies. The organization also staunchly supports the U.S. military and the rights of U.S. citizens to arm themselves in accordance with the Second Amendment. The general public can find more information about these topics and the latest news affecting gun owners on the organization’s official website (