Americlerkships is Dedicated to Assisting with Residency Placement

About Americlerkships

Dr. Pedram Mizani founded Americlerkships Medical Society in 2007 with the goal of helping international medical students and graduates successfully navigate the U.S. medical residency application process. Upon his own graduation from St. Matthews University School of Medicine in Belize, Dr. Pedram Mizani realized that the residency application process for individuals graduating outside America made acceptance virtually impossible. Devoted to helping students step-by-step through the rigorous process to achieve residency placement, Americlerkships has successfully assisted its members secure over 700 medical residency interviews since 2010 (

Understanding the need for flawless network communications between customers, partners, and vendors, AmeriClerkships utilizes a wide range of current technology, which provides AmeriClerkships members ultra-efficient online access to well-known clinical sites and physicians in more than 100 domestic cities. Concerned about the environment, AmeriClerkships has ceased using paper in favor of digital documents and data, and it has reduced its carbon footprint via decreased travel and increased use of video conferencing.

Necessary Steps for International Doctors to Work in the U.S.

AmeriClerkships helps international medical graduates (IMGs) prepare for and secure American medical residencies and fellowships. After completing the process of applying for U.S. residencies himself and finding there to be a lack of comprehensive assistance, AmeriClerkships president Dr. Pedram Mizani created the company to help future IMGs produce competitive applications.

There are several steps that doctors with medical degrees from outside the United States must take to be eligible to practice medicine in the U.S. The first step is earning certification from the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG). After receiving this certification, doctors must complete a residency of at least three years, regardless of previous international experience.

After completing ECFMG certification and securing a residency, foreign doctors must apply for state licensure. If the doctors are not already residents of the United States, they must also obtain proper work credentials. The ECFMG is authorized to sponsor foreign doctors for J-1 visas.

American Medical Association Sponsors Medical Campaign School

Based out of Irvine, California, the physician-managed AmeriClerkships Medical Society aims to help international medical students and graduates compete with their U.S.-based counterparts for residency placement. Established in 2007, it works to give individuals the experience they need to be competitive medical residents. To stay current with industry trends, AmeriClerkships Medical Society belongs to several prestigious organizations, including the American Medical Association (AMA).

Formed in 1847, the AMA promotes scientific advancement and improved public health. Members are able to gain full access to AMA publications, garner support on their practice, and share their perspective on issues pertaining to their specific profession.

During the year, the AMA sponsors events and conferences for its members to learn about developments within the medical field. One 2015 event, which will occur from April 15 through 19 at the Ritz Carlton in Arlington, Virginia, is the AMPAC Campaign School. The AMPAC is a bipartisan political action committee of the AMA, and its goal is to find political candidates that will advocate for physicians, patients, and medicine. Recognized as one of the leading programs in the country, the Campaign School can help individuals become political strategists with a focus on medicine. It uses a simulated campaign for the U.S. House of Representatives, and attendees study demographics, biographies of candidates, and voting statistics.

AmeriClerkships Medical Society Wins Best of Irvine Award

AmeriClerkships Medical Society assists members in securing placement in medical residency programs. With a 75 percent placement rate, far above the national placement rate of 25 percent to 55 percent, AmeriClerkships Medical Society has garnered a number of honors and distinctions, including the 2013 Best of Irvine Award in the medical groups category.

The Irvine Award Program was developed to recognize organizations local to the Irvine, California, area that have achieved marketing success in select fields of business. In addition to the medical groups category, awards are distributed in areas such as boutique software development, electronic computers, and displays, packing, and promotions.

Though the Irvine Award Program emphasizes effective marketing practices and business success, companies are also valued for the ways in which they improve living and working conditions throughout the Irvine area. To view more information about the Irvine Award Program or to nominate a local business for an award, visit Nominations are accepted through December 12, 2016.

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