Amichai Vardi

michai Vardi Finds Success in Operations Management, Optimization

About Amichai Vardi

Amichai Vardi is a strategic business and technical leader with extensive experience in operations management, operations optimization, business process efficiency, and team development and training. Currently the engineering director and sensor value stream leader at Medtronic Diabetes in Northridge, California, Amichai Vardi leads a staff of 230 in operations for the company’s $150 million revenue stream. In this position, he achieved 50 percent cost reduction and 65 percent customer complaint reduction, all while quadrupling operations volume. Previously, Mr. Vardi held the positions of director of sensor manufacturing and lean sigma deployment leader. Before joining Medtronic Diabetes, he was the engineering manager for Plasel in Lavon Industrial Park, Israel.

Amichai Vardi is a graduate of the plastics engineering program at the University of Massachusetts at Lowell, completing the two-year masters’ degree program in only one year. He also holds a bachelor of science in physics, cum laude, from Open University in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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