Amish Shah

Board-Certified and Published Nephrologist

About Amish Shah

Dr. Amish Shah, a practicing nephrologist in Huntsville, Alabama, has made numerous contributions to his field. He has published articles in such highly regarded peer-reviewed publications as the American Journal of Transplantation and the International Journal of Artificial Organs, in which he wrote on topics such as humoral transplant rejection and complications in the use of central venous catheters. Dr. Amish Shah has also presented extensively on these and other nephrological topics, including a lecture before the John J. O'Brien Annual Symposium on coronary complications of aggressive lipid lowering.

Board certified in nephrology as well as internal medicine, Dr. Amish Shah maintains associate membership in the American Society of Transplantation, the American Society of Nephrology, and the Renal Physicians Association. He earned a bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery from the University of Mumbai in India, where he ranked first in his class of 119 as a second-year student and second in his class of 123 the following year. Dr. Shah completed his residency in the United States at Mercy Hospital in Buffalo, New York, where he rose to the position of chief resident. He has since relocated to Alabama, where he practices at the Comprehensive Kidney Disease Center of Huntsville.

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