City Design
school of arts

At City Design, students learn through self expression. At City Design students will be given the opportunity to excel in there craft.

Located at the heart of New York City, City Design offers students a unique learning  experience, that is created and expressed through  talented and creative staff of teachers

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Outside view of City Design school of Arts!!
Classrooms at City Design school of Arts!!

City Design school of Arts has a maximum capacity of 900 students. Tuition is $8250.00 per year.

Students will begin there day at 10:00 am and classes will run through 3:00 pm.

Each student will be given the opportunity to customize his/her own daily schedule to allow them to maximum time in there desired design/art course.

All student assignments are web based. Students will be expected to work off laptops or tablets. All work will be submitted through blackboard. All students will have there own email account accessible through the school URL.


sculptures in front of the school!!

Name~ City Design school of Arts

location~ Manhattan New York

Tuition~ $8250,00 per year

School session~ 10:00 am- 3:00 pm

Mission~ show self expression

number of students~900 (max)

Students~ Artsy,talented,creative

teachers~ Artsy,talented,creative,fun,inspirational

Clubs:dance, drama, fine arts, instrumental, vocal studios, photography/film,fashion, graphic design, computer club, dinner club, and much more.


  • Boys cross country
  • Girls cross country
  • Field hockey
  • Football
  • Boys golf
  • Gymnastics
  • Boys soccer
  • Spirit
  • Softball
  • Boys tennis
  • Volleyball


  • Boys basketball
  • Girls basketball
  • Ice hockey

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