The Future

Tristan Wise

University of Texas

-university of Texas has over 50,000 students

-campus is 350 acres      

-18 colleges and schools

-"being required to live on campus just doesn't make sense for ut"-Michelle Wise

-was founded in 1883 on a 40 acre plot of land


-ut has a great football teams and have one 4 national championships

-Greek life is abig part of social life at ut

-over a 1000 student organizations to join

-Bevo who made his first appearance in 1916 was held as goodluck and stayed since

-the ut tower glows orange after athletic victories or other student achievements

University of California at Santa Barbara

-has over 18,000 students                 - founded in 1909

-37000 dollar out of state tuition       -44% acceptance rate

- is ranked 41 out of other national university's


-"undies run" Wednesday of finals week students run around campus in underwear

-mascot is the gauchos after a Mexican cowboy movie

-is an extreme party school with progressive alcohol/drug info on their website

-"isla vista"the area surrounding the school is where 60% of students live

-is ranked as the #1 college for social experience


-firefighters deal with all types of emergencies not just fires

-firefighters work 24 hour shifts and sleep at the fire station

-average salary is 31,000 dollars a year

-firefighters are required to attend fire academy and learn fire safety


-many fire stations get Dalmatians as a common firehouse tradition

- fire trucks are generally painted red as a sign of firefighting

-firefighters are encouraged to be a team and have to work together

-they eat sleep and train together and this makes them bond

-"this career has brought depth,value, and appreciation of life"-Tristin Wise

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