Amoura Carter - Three Tips for Decorating a New Home

Amoura Carter is a language arts teacher living and working in Charlotte, North Carolina. She recently taught at Ashley Park K-8 and loved both her students and coworkers. Soon to begin teaching at Garinger High School, she recently bought a new home in Charlotte, where she was born. She moved from Charlotte to Stone Mountain, Georgia when she was in the first grade and returned after going to college and spending a year working in China. At her new home in her hometown, she is working on decorating her place for the first time. She has learned much about decorating a brand new house in the meantime, including these three tips:

Clean up the old place. As Amoura Carter knows, moving is a great chance to start over. Get rid of all the junk and things that you no longer need so you don’t have to pack them and decorate around them in your new place. This will allow you to design a completely new space at your new home.

Decorate the bedroom first. Amoura Carter was reminded that she will spend about a third of her time at home in the bedroom, after all. Don’t skimp on new bedding, complete with the best thread counts you can afford. If you have room in your budget, paint the bed room and add flashy and stylish accessories like matching window treatments.

Don’t buy all of your decorating supplies at once. Buying everything at once is a great way to spend your decorating budget on things you don’t need. Wait until you start putting things together and planning before you make any purchasing decisions.

Amoura Carter loves to decorate and plan interior looks and designs.

Amoura Carter

Amoura Carter - Three Quick Tips for Classroom Management

Amoura Carter is a language arts teacher and tutor based in Charlotte, North Carolina. She was born there and moved to Stone Mountain, Georgia shortly after starting the first grade. After earning a Bachelor’s degree in English from Davidson College, Carter moved to Beijing where she worked as an English language teacher, model, and writer for magazines. When she returned, she knew she wanted to be a teacher. She was most recently a language arts teacher at Ashley Park K-8 in Charlotte, and will soon enter a new phase of her teaching career at Garinger High School. Here are three classroom management tips that have saved her from difficult situations:

  • Use a normal voice most of the time. Amoura Carter learned early on that students will often mirror your voice level, so if you talk to them in a louder-than-normal voice too often, you’ll get the same loud disturbances right back at you. Only use a loud voice when absolutely necessary.
  • Speak only when the students are ready and quiet. It takes students some time when they enter a classroom to settle down, instead of wrestling with them for quiet, do what Amoura Carter does: wait for them to quiet down, and then start talking. The students will actually police themselves sometimes in this situation.
  • Use hand-signals and other non-verbal signals and communication. When you need to get the students’ attention, sometimes raising your hand or making a gesture demarcated as ‘quiet, please’ will save your voice and challenge your students to follow instructions.

Amoura Carter works hard to manage her classroom in a way that is beneficial to all of her students. She works hard to ensure that her lessons are learned.

Amoura Carter

Amoura Carter - Three Keys to Good Writing

Amoura Carter wrote articles for many different publications over the years. After graduating with a degree in English from Davidson College, Carter moved to China, where she worked for a Chinese magazine and taught English language classes. She has since returned to her home town of Charlotte, North Carolina, where she lived until she was six years old, to teach language arts at Ashley Park K-8. Soon to teach at Garinger High School, she continues to write and her articles have appeared on and elsewhere. Here are three lessons she learned about how to produce good writing over the years:

  • Revise and edit endlessly. No matter how good you think a draft is, it can always be better. Amoura Carter puts her articles and short stories through several revisions and rewrites before she calls it good enough to publish.
  • Use adjectives sparingly. Sometimes the best word for a description is an adjective, but mostly, especially in fiction, the qualities of an action, person, place, or anything is with a verb or noun. Amoura Carter had to work hard to eliminate as many adjectives as possible from her writing to cut down on the clutter around what she is really getting at.
  • Writing is a job. In order to produce good writing consistently, you have to practice it every day. If you approach your writing as you would a project for your job, you’ll see better results on the page.

Amoura Carter has produced articles and stories for herself and others over the years, using her training she received at Davidson.

Amoura Carter

Amoura Carter - Three Pros of Living in Beijing

Amoura Carter made the bold decision to move to Beijing, the capital of China, after she earned a Bachelor’s degree in English from Davidson College in North Carolina. While many Americans don’t know very much about China or its capital, suddenly Carter was face-to-face with an ancient society and culture and a huge city. Over time, she made a life for herself there. She was there to teach English language classes, but she eventually found herself working at a variety of other jobs to make ends meet. Here are a few of the positives of living in Beijing that she learned during her time there:

  • The expat community is lively and large. Many people leave their comfortable surroundings to move to Beijing just like Amoura Carter did. So no matter where you’re from, you’re likely to meet people who speak your language and give you a sense of familiarity and friendship in the big city.
  • Access to celebrities. Local luminaries and celebrities are surprisingly approachable everywhere in Beijing. In most popular dive bars, there are any number of people you can meet with a local following if you know where to look. Connections are made this way and they can result in big payoffs.
  • Beijing is big, yet small. Beijing is a city of over 12.7 million people, yet you can run into the same people regularly over and over again in neighborhoods all over the city. Amoura Carter did her fair share of exploration of the city as well, finding many quiet, soothing areas to go along with the hustle and bustle of it all.

Amoura Carter learned much from her experiences in Beijing that help her today.

Amoura Carter

Amoura Carter-Tips for Traveling to Australia for the First Time

Amoura Carter is a current teacher who is eager to start a new school year and position as a high school English teacher for Garinger High School. She has been teaching since 2010, but received her Master’s degree in Education in 2013. In addition to teaching, she enjoys traveling the world. Here are some useful tips for those traveling to Australia for the first time.

One of the most appealing parts of Australia are its beaches. However, if you go swimming, make sure you swim between the flags so you don’t run the risk of being pulled out to sea by a riptide. All beaches will have lifeguards on duty during swimming hours, but they may not be able to get to you fast enough if you’re caught in an undercurrent. Make sure you take note of the flags, and always swim between them in order to stay safe.

Bring sun protection for long days outside. Australia is a giant playground for the outdoor enthusiast, but it also has some of the harshest terrain in the world, with a very hot sun. Make sure you have the right protection in order to keep from burning throughout the day. Find sunblock with zinc oxide as a main ingredient in order to avoid harmful carcinogenic chemicals found in most sunscreen brands.

Be wary of poisonous critters. Australia is extremely beautiful, but it also houses some of the most poisonous creatures on the planet. It is known for its number of poisonous spiders that like to hide themselves in places people rarely look. Amoura Carter enjoyed Australia, and hopes to go again.

Amoura Carter

Amoura Carter - Three Tips for Getting Through Undergraduate School

Amoura Carter is a current high school teacher who will be starting a new position later in August as the new year begins. She is teaching English to students at Garinger High School, and is very capable in her responsibilities. She graduated from undergraduate school at Davidson College in North Carolina, and understands how to help others graduate from college as well.

Taking good notes is essential in college. Early in your college career, you’ll be in classes with hundreds of other students, depending on the size of your school, which means that personal attention isn’t always a guarantee. You need to be able to take legible and fast notes in order to get down all the important information you’ll need to know for the exam later on in the semester or quarter.

In addition to taking notes, you need to find time to study outside of class. Many students don’t realize that time management is a major part of success in college, and they spend too much time outside of class socializing. Take some time outside of class in order to review your notes, study reading material, and learn course material in general. The more time you spend on your work, the better off you’ll be when exam time comes around.

Study material in groups. When you study in groups, you not only have to learn the material, but you also have the chance to explain it to your peers. Being able to both answer and explain a question or topic means that you have a full understanding of the topic itself.

Amoura Carter understands how to be a successful student.

Amoura Carter

Amoura Carter - Tips for Decorating Your New Home

Amoura Carter is an English teacher at Garinger High School, and she works hard in order to prepare her students for the future. She enjoys teaching because she believes it’s one of the most rewarding jobs a person can have. She recently bought a home in Charlotte, North Carolina, and she is eager to start decorating the space.

Pick the room that speaks to you the most when decorating. Most people try to stick to professional tips and rules when they begin the decorating process, but this is your space, and you can do whatever you want. Start with your favorite room or the room you’ll use the most, and get inspired to make it your own. The kitchen or bedroom are great places to start because that’s where people spend the most time in their homes.

Use a color scheme that makes you and others feel welcome. Painting your new home, if it needs it, should be started early, preferably before you move the heavy furniture into place. You want to pick colors that you won’t get tired of too fast, and that make you feel like your home is welcoming. Colors evoke emotion, and you want your home to be a safe, inviting, and warm place to be.

In addition to picking the right colors, you need arrange the furniture in a way that flows well with the space you have in your new home. Homes have a particular flow to them, which means you need to embrace that design, and arrange the furniture in such a way that enhances that feeling.

Amoura Carter is looking forward to decorating.

Amoura Carter - The Benefits of Cycling or Riding Your Bike

Amoura Carter

Amoura Carter is a high school English teacher who has been educating students in a number of capacities for several years. She is dedicated to helping them prepare for the future. In addition to teaching, she also enjoys riding her bike for the numerous benefits it provides. Here are just a few benefits to cycling.

Riding your bike increases your endurance. Bike riding is one of the most beneficial exercises you can do for yourself because it increases your overall endurance, which means your heart can work for your body more efficiently. As you bike, you increase your heart rate, and get your muscles to work using less oxygen and less blood; when you’re at a resting pace, your body will be able to work that much less.

Riding your bike will provide you with more energy throughout your day. This is true for most exercises, but biking is purely and endurance sport, which means you will gradually increase your endurance and energy levels the more you practice. People who bike in the mornings tend to feel more energized at work or throughout the day because your body doesn’t need to work as hard as it typically would without exercise.

Biking releases feel good chemicals in the brain. This is also true for most endurance exercises, but due to the difficulty of biking, it tends to be more true for practitioners. When you exercise, your brain will release endorphins that relax the body once your exercise has reached its final stages.

Amoura Carter enjoys biking for the above reasons, and she has notice an increase in energy since she began.

Amoura Carter

Charlotte Goes from Ore to Big Bills - Amoura Carter

The vertical spaces left in a mine after the stoping process of mineral extraction is used to extract ore are called gunnies. It was over the gunnies left from mines near Sugar Creek and Irwin Creek that the Charlotte, North Carolina of Amoura Carter was built. Stoping requires that the surrounding rock of the vein is strong enough not to collapse into the space, although many times artificial support is required. Some stoping is done by digging down from the surface, following the vein by using fire or explosives. Explosives, power tools and mining machinery to extract valuable ore results in spaces large and small called gunnies, which are often backfilled with the debris and removed substance, or with a combination of tailings and cement when mining has ended. The older the mine, the greater the danger of collapse of the gunnie which leaves surface craters, some quite large. These surface craters are known as coffens, or gunnis.

Charlotte, North Carolina is the largest city in that state, and is second only to Jacksonville, Florida for largest city in the southeastern United States. Resident Amoura Carter has a multitude of reasons to assert that Charlotte is the place to be, as she wrote for Bustling and dynamic, Charlotte is the home of the Bank of America corporate headquarters, the East Coast center of Wells Fargo operations, and a variety of other vital financial firms, the combination of which renders Charlotte the second largest banking center in the United States. The Charlotte Douglas International Airport was the 23rd busiest in the world in 2013, bringing domestic and foreign visitors to enjoy Charlottean attractions.

Amoura Carter