Ecology scrapbook

By: Amagee Sims

Ecology is a branch of Biology that studies an organism and how it interacts with it's environment.

Beavers live in dams that are located rivers and they enter it under the water. They make it out of wood that they knock down from trees. Individual is the organism ( beaver) by itself. Population is the whole species (beaver) in the ecosystem. When beaver make dams the water level increases and over time there is lots of vegetation under the water causing an abundance of fish.

Different organisms within a community interact with each other in order to survive and benefit themselves. Examples of this are commensalism: an association between two organisms in which one benefits and the other derives benefit nor harm.Parasitism: a non-neutral relationship where one species ( the parasite) benefits at the expense of the other (the host).Mutualism: ( symbiosis that benefits both organisms involved.

Ecosystem- a community and its physical surroundings, and Community is a group of different species living together in an ecosystem. Organisms may depend on abiotic factors for survival, but they also depend on biotic factors such as a snake living under a rock for protection.

Animalia( tiger)- characteristics are that they are consumers, multicellular, and are eukaryotic. Plantae( flower) characteristics are that they are producers, multicellular, and are eukaryotic.Fungi(mushroom) characteristics are that they are decomposers, multicellular, and eukaryotic. Protista(mold) characteristics are mostly unicellular,  consumers, most live in water, and eukaryotic.

The jaguar role in it's ecosystem as a heterotroph (eats other organisms to provide energy) is a consumer. A consumer eats other organisms to survive, but other organisms like a cactus are producers and create their own energy to survive. Also some organisms like mushrooms like decomposers decompose organi c material to gain energy.

Soil is very important to plant life. It holds nutrients for them to survive and it also holds water when it rains. Air is important to every land organisms on earth. It holds important substances like nitrogen and oxygen. Without many organisms will mot be able to live on earth. Water is crucial to every live thing on the planet. It is whatake our planet different from many others in our solar system. It too holds oxygen for  organisms live in water. Many if not all organisms adapt and change to the supply and demand of all abiotic factors just like these.

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