Dom DeJarlais S&E Marketing Final

Evaluate A Movie Poster

I think the movie poster is great. It has a huge image of Mark Wahlberg as a Navy Seal, large bold text, and nice contrasting colors. They also did a good job at giving people a good idea on what the movie is about by showing Mark Wahlberg in a military uniform. They also give an idea on what the movie is about with the name Lone Survivor. It gives the idea that Mark Wahlberg is the only survivor in the movie without giving away the movie. One thing they didn't focus on for the movie poster was making people want to see the movie. Although the image on the poster doesn't bring the attention of some people, I think the name, Lone Survivor, does. I also think that they would promote more attention to the movie trailer to get the attention of more people instead of the movie poster.

Evaluate A Movie Trailer

I love the movie trailer that the creators of the movie, Prisoners, created. It shows two families getting together for Thanksgiving and they're happy. (Almost like a rising action in a story) Then the two girls that are friends want to go back to one girls house. The parents come home to find that they are gone. Tension is rising and people are getting fearful of their daughters lives. Then there's sort of a climax in the trailer where the music gets more intense, you hear Hugh Jackman yelling making it more intense, and you see plenty of violence and confusion through the climaxing part. Then you see that he has someone prisoner and he is threatening to tell him where his daughter is. They did a great job at using more of the beginning clips from the movie to not show the ending. They also did a good job at trying to create a target audience by making the trailer intense, thrilling, and mystifying. The movie is obviously for the more thrilling kind of viewers and the people who like mysteries and thrilling mysteries like this one. The trailer definitely made me want to see more when it came out. It made me want to figure the mystery out, and I'm sure that it made others want to see the movie and get involved with the mystery and thrilling plot line. In the trailer I don't think that they used clips of the climax and went for the more confusing kind of trailer that makes people want to see the movie because of the thrill and mystery. The trailer also obviously made the feel of the movie clear that it was a thriller and a detective kind of movie.

Create Your Own T.V. Show

The name of my show would be: The Ultimate Combine. There wouldn't necessarily be a plot line because it would be a reality show with football athletes with promising Division III, II, and I school scholarships. There would be 25 to start with and they would all compete in a combine and padded football camp. The best would move on, then the next week there would be another camp and then the best would move on again and so on and so forth. Almost like American Idol or the X-Factor but with football. There would be 3 Division I coaches and they judge and choose who goes on and who doesn't. During camps and combines however all kinds of coaches will be evaluating. Then the final winner would get a free-ride Division I scholarship for football to anywhere he wanted to go. I would come up with a marketing plan that brings in a target audience of teenagers and young adults interested in sports and more over football. I would promote the show through all social media right away. I would promote with pictures, behind the scenes information, and create tweets or posts like "________ is the overall best in the combine right now!" to create conversation about the show with fans. I would also give out the players' personal social media profiles to fans to generate more popularity. Another thing I would do on the social media websites is post records of the athletes while the show is on. These records would include weight lifting records, 40 yard dash times, pro agility times, verticals, and individual stats for the athletes, etc. On picture/video social media sites I would post pictures of the athletes and videos of them setting records to get people to watch more of the show and learn more of the show. I would also target sport-showing channels such as ESPN, Fox Sports, and Sports Center to advertise the show and show commercials to promote the show. I would even try to get the announcers to talk about the show and converse about the athletes participating in the show. Another way to promote the show is to have the athletes where Ultimate Combine clothing during workouts and rest time during the show to maybe get fans to purchase those clothes online to generate a bigger profit. Another thing I would do to promote the show is put signs up around cities and on billboards to get people to watch and get involved with the show. I would also air new episodes on Fridays in the evening to get as much people to watch the show as possible. Another thing I would do to get people to watch it is to put previous episodes on Netflix.

Write Your Own Reaction to Artifact, the Movie On the Band 30 Seconds to Mars

I think a fair deal between 30 seconds to Mars and their record deal is to split everything 50-50 with everything from album sales to ticket sales because it would be even for both sides and both sides make money. There wouldn't be as much arguing on who gets more and who gets less. Both get an even amount and its done there and if 30 seconds to Mars wants to leave the record label they can when they pay off their debt to that record label. I think artists still sign with big labels because the label gives them money to start out with and its hard not to take all that money when you arent doing very good and you cant support yourself. I also believe they still sign with big labels because all artists want to be known and big labels really help with promotion. Finally I believe they still sign with big labels because they are given a lot of money but the illusion is that they are getting big money but they arent making money at all. I dont think new artists know that big record deals are unfair because they dont read through all of the contract and they dont look at the big picture, they live in the moment too much. I also think that they dont realize it at first because record labels offer them a big amount of money to sign with them and to start out with and if youre struggling to survive then you are going to take that big amount of money right away. I think the main issue explored in the movie is how big record labels can screw you over sometimes and the battle 30 seconds to Mars fought with a big record label to pay or not pay 30 million dollars to the record label. If I was 30 seconds to Mars I would keep fighting the record label, keep making music, try to make the money back, pay it, and then leave the record label and make more music in the home studio they made.

What are the most important things to remember for artists who are not going to sign with a major record label or even an independent one.

I think the biggest thing to remember is that you arent going to get as much promotion compared to a major record label that gives you all kinds of promotion and gets your name out there. If you dont have a record label its going to be really hard to set a big fan base and make money and get promotion. I think you need to remember that you will have to promote yourself and do more fighting with other artists and record labels to promote you and your music. You also have to remember that if you want to make a living on making music you will need to somehow develop a fan base and promote your music to people in ways that it will spread quickly through society. A way to do this is make social media profiles and promote your band and music through those websites to gain popularity in society. Even if you sign with an independent label you could lose popularity quickly and you need to find new ways and constantly make new and better music to keep people entertained with your music. Another major thing to remember is that you need to be willing to work 10 times harder than other artists signed with big labels. If you take this route you need to be willing to work harder than anyone else, you need to promote yourself and your music, a lot, and you need to find ways to develop and keep a fan base to be successful.

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