Niagara Falls

Such a incredible day!

On Sunday, we decided to leave Toronto for one day and take a trip to Niagara Falls. W took the bus and traveled for around two hours. When we arrived there, it was very sunny. Since the Niagara Falls Bus Terminal was very far from the falls, we had to walk some minutes to get there. As soon as we found the route on the map, we were walking along the edge of the river. While we were walking, gradually we could see the falls appearing in the distance.  It was such a beautiful sight! Soon we saw the bridge that cross the river and give access to the United States. So close but so far! We practically had just finished doing our interview for the visa ... If we already had it, we could cross the bridge to take a trip to America for a while. Anyway, After the bridge, we saw the first part of the falls, on the side of the United States. It was small, but once was enough to make us impressed.

We took a lot of pictures there. Emerson had bought a camera in Toronto, so he could take a lot of incredible photo. After, we went to the other part of the falls that is part of US and Canada. That part was more beautiful than the other one, in my opinion. Also, I took the "journey behind the falls" in which we can take a elevator and go down till to be behind the waters of the falls. This made me recall a cartoon called Woodpecker that used to watch when I was a child. In an episode, it was portrayed Niagara Falls, and the main character tried to go down the falls in a barrel. I guess that is the reason that I could see lots of barrels around the place. In the afternoon, we a bit around Niagara Falls' downtown, and when it was almost evening, we went back to the bus terminal to go back to Toronto. That day was awesome! I loved so much that I am planning to go back there on August break!