What if Romeo and Juliet knew how to use the internet - Act 2

"Act II, Romeo, Dennis Kim, English 9 Honors"

I went to the Capulet household,to meet my dear love! Even though my friend Mercutio and Benvolio was searching for me, I disregarded them and went into the compound. When I went through the bushes, there she was! Charming Juliet, calling out for me! I showed myself to her, and through passionate talks, we promised our immortal love with each other. It is a time, that I can never forget!

The very next day, after an awoken night of love and anticipation, I went to Friar Lawrence to talk about my dear love. Even though he seemed terrified for a while, it eventually became clear he will allow us to marry with each other for the sake of ending the eternal fewd between the Montagues and the Capulets!

On my way, I met my two dear friends, Benvolio and Mercurio. It seems they thought I was having a hot night with that old prick Rosaline! While sensual innuendos filled our discussion, the capulet nurse came to find me, and it turned out to be a positive meeting to confer about the exact details of the marriage! In a few hours, myself and Juliet will be married, and I cannot loiter my happiness to this historical decision!!!

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2 years ago

Friar Lawrence: Happily wed are you now Romeo, take this as a chance to change the course of Verona's history, use this opportunity and dissolve the wall of hate that your families have built up over these years!