Summary of Audience Research

To research into my target audience I distributed a questionnaire via the internet, I also held interviews and asked people to give their opinion on a music video - they became my focus group.

In writing my questionnaire I realised that in order

Above is a summary of the answers given for the last question in the questionnaire "What do you think the general target audience for a pop music video are interested in?". I wanted to leave this as broad as possible in order to get various responses in order to help me piece them together and understand what my target audience wanted from a pop music video. This was very helpful as I can clearly see that all these features of music videos need to be carefully considered and included apporpriately and this will gradually help me to produce an appealing music video for my target audience.

Overall, from my audience research, it is clear that some clear conventions have been identified by potential consumers such as sex appeal, importance of the setting and narrative as well as focus on the artist, this reserach has been helpful as through all my parts of audience research I have been able to piece together what my target audience are expecting as well as what they find appealing and I will be able to use this when I produce my very own pop music video.