Amy Desel Discusses Hypothyroidism and Its Effect On Obesity

Amy Desel, a veteran dietician has worked with various health care centers as well as medical facilities, and has offered exceptional services. He specializes in designing diet plans for children, adults, and elders, so that they can eat a nutritious and balanced diet. He describes the role of thyroid hormone in fighting obesity, and attaining good health. He tells that hypothyroidism is one of the most common problems that people face who suffer from a dysfunctional thyroid gland. Hypothyroidism is defined as the inadequate amount of production of thyroid hormone, whereas the excess secretion of this hormone is called hyperthyroidism.

Desel says that the under activity of this particular hormone shows a variety of symptoms, including fatigue, hair loss, unhealthy nails, dryness of the skin, and forgetfulness. These are a few of the normal symptoms, though several other diseases might have the similar type of symptoms, which should not be confused with thyroid problems. Therefore, it is better that an individual should go for the thyroid test prior to taking any types of steps to get relief from these symptoms. Amy Desel says that the side effect, or the major symptom of hypothyroidism is obesity and many other problems related to it. This hormone is essential for relaxing the metabolic rate of the body, and if it is produced less, it can result in less burning of fat, or complete absence of fat burn. Thus, thick layers of fats get deposited under the skin, and it has a greater tendency to accumulate quickly by complying to each other awfully. As a result, a person can become obese fast.

Desel tells that an individual can overcome this defect by in-taking sufficient amounts of iodine in his or her diet. It is essential that the iodine amount consumed must be monitored properly, so as to avoid surplus intake of iodine, which is also harmful for the body. The correct amount of iodine can start the exact amount of thyroid production, thereby, a proper and complete body metabolism. Amy Desel tells that one of the most common sources of iodine is iodized stable salts, and sea fishes. Additionally, doctors also prescribe iodine supplements to patients who suffer from hypothyroidism. It is an excellent method, as the amount iodine consumed by a person can be easily monitored properly. No over dosages are given to them, thus, they experience no problems. Amy Desel tells that consumption of fibers also plays a significant role in losing weight.

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