Hanna Hajek

Amya Natal


Hanna was only four and a half  when her, her mom Margit, and her grandmother were kilt.  her, her mother, and her grandmother wre forced in to a ghetto but the getto was overcrowded, lacked adequate sanitation and food, and was infested with typhus spreading vermin. people died daily  from this disease and malnutrition. Jews were constantly being packed in trains and sent off to death camp in Auschwitz. On October 1944 Hanna, her mother, and grandmother were sent to death camp and when they arrived they were immediately taken off the train and murdered in the gas chambers. She was born February 10, 1939 in Prague, Czechoslovakia her parents names were Bedrick and Margit.after Hannah's birth, the Nazis took over Czechoslovakia, instituting harsh anti-Jewish measures. She was one of the 1.5 million Jewish children  that were murdered in the Holocaust.

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