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Post processing is an important step for a professional photographer. Amy Koughan has been a professional photographer for over a decade and is highly skilled with prost processing techniques. She is a skilled photographer who understands how to use post processing without greatly altering a photo. She uses these techniques to enhance her photographs and to create beautiful works of art.

Photographers are able to perform post processing through several different programs. Some of the more popular programs are Photoshop and Adobe Light Room. These programs allow photographers to refine their photos in several different ways. One of the first alterations a photographer will make is the framing. A photo can be cropped in order change the perspective and alter the framing of the photo.

Another alteration a photographer will make is the contrast. A photographer’s goal is to capture the light in a way that highlights their subjects. However, sometimes a photographer will need to adjust the contrast in order to make the photo lighter or darker.

Photographers will also use post processing programs to fix any mistakes. A photo can be rotated if the framing was crooked. Photographers can also remove any glares from the light, or any discolorations. Even though a photographer’s goal should be to use post processing as little as possible, he or she may need to make minor adjustment. Amy Koughan is a skilled photographer who uses post processing techniques both expertly and sparingly in order to create the most beautiful and interesting photos.

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Amy Koughan - Post Processing in Photographing

No matter what business you are in, customer service is essential. Amy Koughan is a freelance photography in Los Angeles, California. Her success is the result of hard work and superb customer service. She always makes sure that her clients are pleased with her product, and that they are happy with her level of professionalism. Excellent customer service can help keep your business running for several different reasons.

Customer service is important, because your customers keep your business running. Any successful business owner understands that their customers are the main reason their doors are able to remain open. Your customers are the ones who purchase your products and your services. They have a lot of control over your profits. This is the main reason excellent customer service is vital. If you do not have good customer service, then your customers will stop purchasing your product or service.

Customers who are pleased with your products or services will most likely come back to your company. When you provide excellent customer service, you are more likely to get return customers, which will help to increase your overall number of customers.

Satisfied customers are more likely to recommend your company to their friends and family members. If they are pleased with how you interacted with them, and the services you provided them, then they may review or recommend you. This can also help increase your number of clients and help your business succeed. Amy Koughan is a freelance photographer who excels at customer service. She understands the value of excellent customer service and strives to make all of her clients happy.

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Amy Koughan - 3 Reasons Customer Service is Essential

Digital cameras have become a popular choice among photographers. Amy Koughan is a veteran freelance photographer who always uses a digital camera when working on her clients’ projects. She chooses to use a digital camera because it offers several conveniences that film cameras do not. She has worked hard to master using a digital camera and loves working with a number of subjects.

One benefit to using a digital camera is the capacity of its memory. A digital camera can hold hundreds to thousands of photos depending on the size of the memory card. A film camera, however, can hold a very limited number of photos, and the photographer has to carry around several rolls of film

Another major benefit to using a digital camera is the ease of photo viewing. When a photographer uses a digital camera, he or she is able to view the photos instantly. When using a film camera, the photographer cannot view the photos until the film is developed and processed. A photographer using a digital camera, can view the photo he or she took, and then adjust their composition or lighting to improve it.

Digital images are easier to store than film. Photographers who use digital cameras benefit greatly from the storage options for digital images. They are able to transport thousands of images by storing them on a computer or on a cloud. Photographers who use film are unable to transport that many photos as easily. Amy Koughan chooses to use a digital camera for her freelance work because of its many conveniences.

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Amy Koughan - The Benefits of a Digital Camera

A marathon race is 26.2 miles long and requires a great deal of training and stamina. Amy Koughan has ran two marathon races and is training for her third. She has always enjoyed running and regularly takes jogs to improve her health. In 2010, she decided that it was time to challenge herself and began training for her first marathon. These races are mentally as well as physically challenging and require months of training.

The first step in your training schedule should be to start running seriously. Consider the distance and speed you can run right now, and use that as your starting point. You should be running four to five times per week. With every run, try to improve your distance as well as your speed. However, it is important that you do not overstrain yourself. Always warm up, stretch, and cool down during your runs, and pay attention to your body. If you are in pain, locate the source of the pain and visit your doctor. It is important for your body to be in top shape during the race.

The second step is to prepare yourself mentally. Running 26.2 miles is a mental strain. Not only are you enduring a long race, but you are racing against dozens of other people. You need to be in the right mental space before the race begins. Try running practice races before the actual match, so that your mind is ready. Amy Koughan is looking forward to running her next marathon. She is training her body and her mind in order to succeed.

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Amy Koughan - 3 Tips for Training for a Marathon

Amy Koughan is a dedicated photographer who has been working in the city of Los Angeles, California for a number of years. She grew up within the diversity of the community, and came to love the melting pot of cultures that existed so close together. Her work has been published by some of the major names in the publishing industry, and she continues to travel the world in order to capture the right image. She has also been involved in philanthropic work in order to help third world countries, war torn territories, and even poverty in her own country.

However, something that Amy Koughan gets asked a great deal is how to get involved in the photographic community. She has learned a lot through out her experiences in the professional world of art, and she can offer a great deal of advice to beginners looking to begin a meaningful career as a photographer.
The first thing you need to do is hone your craft. As a freelancer, your talents will be the only thing that stands in your way of decent paycheck. Unfortunately, companies never have a shortage from freelancers to choose from, so you have to prove why you deserve the work.

The second thing you need to do is put yourself out there. As a freelancer, it is up to you to get your name out and into the professional world; take advantage of social media tools and professional websites in order to spread around your resume.

Amy Koughan understands that freelancing can be competitive and difficult, but for those willing to work hard, there is success to be had.

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Amy Koughan - How to Become a Freelance Photographer

Amy Koughan is a dedicated freelance photographer currently living and working in Los Angeles, California. She also travels around the world in the hopes that she can take pictures in order to spark political discourse. She believes that images have the power to sway important peoples’ minds, which is why she often travels to third world countries, war torn territories, or even the lower income areas of her own community. She is committed to her career, and to making a difference through her passion for art.

However, Amy Koughan isn’t only concerned with her ability to reach an audience through photographer, she is also interested in her physical fitness and health. In order to stay physically fit, she practices a number of exercises that focus on strength, endurance, and flexibility.

One of the most beneficial exercises you can perform is long distance running. Although this sees like a grueling task for some, when performed correctly, running can have an amazing affect on your cardiovascular healthy and endurance. Not to mention that it burns more calories than most other exercises.

Another great exercise is swimming. Swimming, like running, works your cardiovascular endurance, but it also takes away the stress that exercises like running put on the body. The water acts as a soft resistance that limits muscle use, but doesn’t put unnecessary pressure on the body.

Lastly, yoga is another great exercise that can have amazing benefits on the body. Not only are the postures a healing exercise that can rejuvenate the body, but it also relaxes the mind as well, which can have its own rewards beyond physical health.

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Amy Koughan - Exercises to Stay Physically Fit and Healthy

Amy Koughan is a dedicated individual who has been working in the professional world of photography for a number of years. She is committed to her freelance photography career, and many of her images have been published by several major names in the industry. She was introduced to photography at a young age, and has been honing her skills ever since. She even attended the Otis College of Art and Design in order to further her range not only photography, but other forms of art as well.

For Amy Koughan, living in Southern California is a dream. Not only has she been able to live there her whole life, but the territory also allows her to pursue all the outdoor activities she enjoys. The outdoors also provide her with a great deal of inspiration for her work. However, you need to be prepared for the activity and environment you wish to be in, and if your out hiking, there are some essentials you should have with you.

The first thing you’ll want on your hike, especially if you’re in a rugged desert climate like Southern California, is plenty of water. Make sure you have at least a few liters with you on your hike to ensure that you don’t get dehydrated too easily.

In addition to having plenty of water, make sure you have a knife or cutting tool. A knife is one of the top five tools everyone needs to have in a survival situation, and it is worth having in case you were to get stranded due to being lost or sustaining an injury that leaves you unable to walk.

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Amy Koughan - A Dozen Cameras

Amy Koughan is a graduate of the Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles, where she studied photography and New Genres.

There was never any doubt about what she would concentrate on, and more than ten years later she is a veteran freelance photographer who, she says with a laugh, shoots far too many weddings. “I think I’ve been to more weddings than anyone else on Earth.”

She has a lot of photography equipment, as one would expect, including six cameras – or about twice that many, if you include those that she doesn’t take seriously, like the one on her cellphone. Her camera of choice is a Nikon D800, which she says produces stellar images, and was worth every penny of its hefty price tag. Since buying it she has used the D800 at weddings, for architectural shoots, and for landscapes, and remains consistently impressed with its performance. However, she has found the Canon EOS 5D Mark II to be a better choice if she wants to capture action, like a sporting event.

“I bought the Canon as a kit,” she says, explaining that means it came with a EF 24-105mm zoom lens. “I usually don’t like kits. The lenses are usually not so good. But I actually like this one more than I thought I would. I’d never use it on a shoot – but you never know, and I’ve kept it as a backup, just in case.”

Another camera in the Amy Koughan collection is a vintage Nikon-F film camera, a game-changing product that was introduced by Nikon in 1959.


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Amy Koughan - The Benefits of Using a Digital Camera

Amy Koughan is a professional photographer who has experience working for events, weddings, and individual and group portraits. However, she also uses her skills as an artist to help make a difference in the world by traveling to third world countries, war torn territories, and poverty stricken areas of her own community to help raise awareness. She photographs and documents the issues she feels are the most distressing, which in turn inspires others to use their resources to help out the cause.

Over the course of her career, she has learned a lot about herself as a photographer, and about the industry itself. One of the most important facts she learned early on is that every photographer needs to have the right equipment for the right job. For her jobs that consist of taking a great deal of photos like weddings or important events, she always uses a digital camera.

One benefit to using a digital camera is the amount of images you can store on a single card. They make different size cards to suit your needs, but they can hold up to thousands, which is perfect for an event like a wedding.

Another benefit to using a digital camera is the amount of control you get during the process. You have a major screen to view a preview of the image will look, and you also get to see the immediate result, which is impossible with film.

Lastly, digital cameras come with a great deal of useful features. In addition to the basics like zoom and flash, you can also eliminate red eye, add effects, and change the tint on some models.

Amy Koughan

Amy Koughan - Enthralling Images

Amy Koughan says that she was born to be a photographer. She knew from the time she was in her early teens that she would become a photographer when she grew up.

There is something about black and white images that she found enthralling as a kid. “The first photographer whose work really blew me away was Ansel Adams,” she says. “I mean, who doesn’t know his work? Everyone does. But I didn’t get that as a kid. I thought I had discovered this long-lost photographer.” She talked her parents into driving to White Sands National Park in New Mexico to find see for herself what he saw, and another year traveled to Yosemite National Park in California for the same reason.

A photojournalist whose work had a huge impact on the fledgling photographer was Yousuf Karsh. “He was a master of lighting,” she says of the photographer whose big career break was a LIFE magazine cover photo of Winston Churchill, the English statesman. Karsh became one of the major portrait photographers of his time, and made portraits of some of the most prominent people of the era. “Karsh said that everyone has a secret self, and it was his job as a portrait photographer to reveal it, if possible. That’s something that has always stayed with me.”

Other photographers whose work has meant a lot to Amy Koughan include Diane Arbus, Margaret Bourke White, Dorothea Lange, and Helmut Newton. Each of these photographers, and many others, have been an enormous influence on her work, and she says she draws inspiration from them to this day.

Amy Koughan

Amy Koughan - Clearing the Mind

Amy Koughan spends long days peering through the viewfinder of one of her several cameras, in her work as a professional photographer. She also lugs around a lot of photo equipment. It’s tiring work but she loves it, and says that there is nothing else she would rather be doing.

She says that one of the ways she keeps in shape is swimming. “A good workout really clears the mind,” she says. “Whether it’s swimming, running, or a long bike ride, I find that I can re-focus my thoughts away from all the clutter, all the unimportant little things, and zero in on the things that are most important.”

What she likes about swimming is that she can burn up to 475 calories in an hour by swimming laps. That’s a good number, but swimming laps can get pretty boring, and she finds it useful to mix things up by swimming with a kickboard or a foam buoy, and she’ll occasionally use swim fins, too. “I really got into swim finds when I was a kid,” she says. “I used to put them on, and then pretend I was the world’s fastest swimmer, as I went screaming along.”

To get the biggest health benefit from swimming, at least in terms of burning calories, Amy Koughan says the key is to keep moving. She tires to spend no more than about ten percent of her time in the pool not moving. An effective way to mix it all up is to swim in intervals. She’ll swim one lap, then two laps, four laps, and so on, with between fifteen and thirty seconds of rest between each one.


Amy Koughan

Amy Koughan - Scenes Along the Road

Amy Koughan is a working photographer in Los Angeles, California. She has worked as a freelancer there for more than ten years, and says that she cannot imagine doing anything else.

While she has many clients, including several corporate clients, she also does a lot of her own photography, and that is the work that means the most to her. A cyclist as well as a photographer, she enjoys taking pictures of things that are bicycle-related, such as a series she calls “Scenes Along the Road.”

One of her Scenes Along the Road shoots was the annual Bike to Work Day in Los Angeles. “It’s one of my favorite days of the year,” she says, “even though don’t drive to an office every day.” Bike to Work Day encourages participants to either ride their bikes to work or commute some other way – anything but drive. The idea is to demonstrate the feasibility of cycling as an alternative form of transportation, while at the same time promote its social and health benefits.

“Bike to Work Day was awesome this year, like it always is,” she reported afterward. She set herself up at one of the numerous breakfast stations along the commuter routes and took hundreds of pictures of people biking to work. It was a great day, she said, and she captured many images of people getting an understanding of how feasible and valuable bike riding can be.

Amy Koughan is a longtime photographer and cyclist. She attended the Otis College of Design in Los Angeles.


Amy Koughan

Amy Koughan - Improving Cycling Photography

Some freelance photographers like Amy Koughan specialize in athletic events photography, which is a very challenging style of photography that requires some careful preparation, creativity, and gumption. A particular challenge is faced by the photographer at a cycling event. Whether it is a world-class race like the Tour de France or a local contest, the photographer at this type of event faces some interesting trials that can result in amazing work.

Depending on the length of the cycling course, the photographer needs a certain amount of preparation prior to the race. Examining the course map and accompanying terrain can help the photographer select certain spots along the course that would be beneficial for pictures. Scouting these areas ahead of time is also necessary to be sure of vantage point and potential for excellent shots. Equipment is also a vital consideration; good equipment can help photographers capture key moments during an active event.

Timing is what it’s all about when it comes to photography, even more so in an athletic event. While the photographer might have a photo with a river or mountain backdrop in mind, the reality is often different and photographers need to be quick and flexible should their view be unexpectedly blocked by officials or spectators. Often this problem can be remedied by changing perspective and moving to higher ground to take pictures.

Amy Koughan, a competitive cyclist and successful freelance photographer, has mastered the keys to taking exciting competitive cycling pictures. Reviewing the map and landscape, finding vantage points, and being prepared to move if necessary are all important steps to improving cycling photographs.


Amy Koughan

Amy Koughan - What to Know Before Becoming a Freelance Photographer

Successful freelance photographers, like Amy Koughan, quickly learned what was required to become a professional photographer, and adapted their skill set to achieve that goal. Although the idea of being a freelance artist, beholden to no one, is an attractive concept, the reality is that it requires dedication, hard work, confidence, and little luck to make it a profitable career.

The number of individuals who have become freelance artists was estimated in 2005 by the U.S. Department of Labor as around 10.3 million. That amount increased over the last decade, with more than four million freelancers in 2013, according to a group from Economic Modeling Specialists. Many freelancers have risen above these numbers by employing smart approaches to their business. Finding a specialty rather than trying to be or do too much in photography is more likely to bring in business, and thereby create success. It’s also important for photographers to be aware of the competition in their market and also the demand that market clamors for.

Amy Koughan and other profitable and prominent freelance photographers know that talent is only one aspect of success; many talented photographers never see commercial success because they do not develop the necessary business acumen to promote and sell their work. Marketing one’s work is vital, as is stating costs clearly and upfront, and getting all contracts in writing and signed. This means that photographers need to learn how to bid and price jobs so that they don’t price themselves out of the market, but do make a profit for their talents and skills.


Amy Koughan

Amy Koughan - Finding Continued Creativity in Photography

Amy Koughan, a freelance photographer and craft artist, knows that creative mediums like photography can often be in need of an injection of inspiration. Professional freelance photographers like Koughan still love photography as an art itself, and find that approaching photography in different ways can help them find a new avenue to pursue in their craft.

Travel is an important aspect of photography, even within one neighborhood or city. Taking a series of pictures in certain perspectives, frames, and lights of neighborhoods, bridges, corner stores, can allow the photographer to find commonality through art. This approach in itself can be inspiring by presenting the photographer with a new way to look at an area. Some photographers also challenge themselves by picking a particular topic to photograph --- an object, shape, or color --- and focus only on that chosen item for the day’s photos. Photographers can also have fun by creating a list and subsequent “scavenger’s hunt” to find items to photograph throughout the course of the day.

Freelance photographers like Amy Koughan know the important role that creativity can play in inspiring new perspectives and capturing excellent shots. Some photographers may take a specific period of time to try different lights and speeds, or even focus on black-and-white pictures only. Those photographers who specialize in black-and-white photos may gain an entirely new view of their work in color. Creativity abounds in photography, and many artists can find new ideas, motivation, and encouragement from interacting with and following fellow photographers in online groups to inspire each other to keep the creative fires burning.


Amy Koughan

Amy Koughan - Improving Swimming Photography

Amy Koughan, a professional freelance photographer and competitive swimmer, enjoys the inherent challenges found in taking shots of an athletic event that exists in two main mediums: in water and out. Professionally shooting swimming events presents difficulties in sight lines, perspective, and motion, aside from the underwater trials.

Taking successful professional photographs of competitive swimming events allows the photographer to take unique pictures of athletes in unusual surroundings. Although all athletic photographers need to prepare before an event, swimming requires the photographer to commit to extra preparation. The photographer needs to know the environment she will be shooting in before the event begins: is it an outdoor pool? Indoor pool? Where will photographers be able to take pictures? Are there any restrictions placed on photographers and where they can shoot? Additionally, equipment must be chosen in advance, from using scuba-gear to get crucial underwater shots to exposing a camera to a high-humidity indoor arena so it defogs in time.

Professional photographers like Amy Koughan, who specialize in athletic event photos, know the importance of getting to the meet location as early as possible to scout the area out, determine important vantage points, and to acclimate to the weather conditions. It is also crucial for the photographer to seek out the photo marshal for the event and get clear answers to questions about photo assignments or special requests. The photographer then needs to find an efficient workspace that is not hampered by advertisements, officials, or spectators, but that still grants her quick access to key locations for shooting excellent photographs of competitive swimmers.


Amy Koughan

Amy Koughan - Tips For New Freelancers

When Amy Koughan decided to pursue her passion for photography by committing herself to a freelance career in the field, she had to prepare herself for all of the challenges that such an endeavor brings with it. While working freelance is certainly an attractive proposition, particularly for those who demonstrate talent in their fields that can be monetized, it is important that you understand what you are getting into. These pointers should prove useful to anybody who wishes to follow in Koughan’s footsteps.

Be Good

It is a simple tip, but your freelance business will live and die on the quality of service that you provide to your customers. If you are not able to compete against others who provide the same type of service, you will find it much harder to attract customers. Keep developing your skills and commit yourself to continued education. If you identify a weakness in your service offering, do whatever you can to make the necessary improvements.

Understand Yourself

Most people who have decided to go freelance will have spent a number of years developing their skills in the workplace. This serves to give them a good idea of the amount of work they are capable of completing in set time periods. You need to understand what you can do and what your limitations are so you can manage your time effectively. Taking on too much work can lead to missed deadlines and burnout, whereas taking on too little means you won’t be making enough money from your career.

Take Breaks

When you start freelancing you will need to work exceptionally hard to develop a reputation and get your business off the ground. This often results in people working during every waking hour of the day, thus struggling to maintain the essential balance between work and life. To avoid this, make sure you take some time off each week. A day away from work will allow you to recharge your batteries, which not only keeps you sane but also ensures you offer the highest standards to your clients. Even the most enjoyable of jobs can start to feel like chores if you do them constantly without any respite.

Communicate Regularly

As a freelancer you will be responsible for every aspect of your business, from the admin through to the service that you provide. Amy Koughan has found that communicating with clients regularly has helped her enormously in her own career. Poor communication leads to misunderstandings, which often results in poor work being delivered. Furthermore, your clients may start to feel as though their business means little to you if you don’t communicate, which can lead to them taking it elsewhere. If you form any sort of connection, be it with a client or business partner, maintain regular communication.

Amy Koughan

Amy Koughan - What You Should Consider When Buying Your First Digital Camera

During the course of her career as a freelance photographer, Amy Koughan has amassed a sizeable collection of cameras and accessories that she uses to provide stellar services to her clients. But what about those who are just starting out? These handy pieces of advice will help those who are looking to purchase their first digital cameras.

Know Your Budget

Just because something is expensive, doesn’t mean that it is going to suit your needs. After all, the most expensive portrait camera isn’t going to do much for you if you want to capture quick shots and vice-versa. Instead, consider how much you have to spend and put some time into researching every camera that falls into your price range so you can find one that suits your needs.

Buy Accessories

You need to buy relevant accessories to make the most out of your digital camera. A good carry case will allow you to take it wherever you go, while also ensuring that the camera itself is protected when not in use. It is also worth investing in a few memory cards, as you will quickly find that the one that comes with the camera gets filled.

Get A Feel For The Camera

Before buying a new camera, Amy Koughan spends a little bit of time getting to grips with it in the store. The weight and shape of the camera may have a larger effect on your pictures than you may realize, so spend some time getting accustomed to the equipment before making the decision to purchase.

Amy Koughan - Tips For New College Students

Before she embarked on her career in freelance photography, Amy Koughan attended the Otis College of Art and Design to hone her technique. College can be an intimidating prospect for students who are unprepared for it, so it is crucial that you take some time to understand what you are getting into. These tips should prove useful to anybody who is preparing for college.

Actually Go To Classes

College offers you more freedom than you will have experienced in any prior educational settings and it can be tempting to take advantage of this freedom by not attending some of your classes. This is almost always a mistake as it can lead to you missing out on important information that could have proven useful in exams or when completing assignments.

Use The Resources

Colleges will have a lot of resources that they place at your disposal when you start studying, so take advantage of all of them. While the Internet will always be available, the college library will contain many books that can further your understanding of different subjects. Furthermore, your teachers and fellow students can help lend perspective on topics you are struggling with.

Be Careful With Money

Amy Koughan left college with only a small amount of loan debt because she was careful with her money while studying. Consider getting a part-time job so you can earn a little extra and don’t borrow more money than you need. If you have any credit cards you should only use them in emergencies, as interest will soon start to build on your debts.

Amy Koughan

Amy Koughan - Tips for Freelancers in Any Professional Field

Amy Koughan is an individual who cares about her work, and the way she is able to positively impact the lives of others through it. She is freelance photographer currently working in Los Angeles, California, which provides her ample opportunities to capture beautiful images. She enjoys being her own boss, and being able to make time for herself when she needs it. She attended the Otis College of Art and Design in order to develop her skills as an artist, and it enhanced her natural abilities in photography that much more. She is known for her work in landscape photography, as well as her wedding and family portraits.

Being a freelance professional in any field has its perks, but it also has some downsides as well. Sure, you can set your own schedule, take off work when you want, or work as much as you want, but it can be extremely difficult at times to be motivated to work at all. Some professionals need the structure of a typical job in order to be productive on a consistent basis. Here are some useful tips for freelancers who work in any professional field.

Do your job well. This is an obvious tip, and it would be useful whether or not you’re working as a freelancer or not, but it still holds meaning nonetheless. The freelancing world is competitive, no matter the industry you operate in; in order to be successful, you have to prove that you’re better than your competition. Often, freelancers have no guarantee that they will make from their work, which is why they work on multiple projects at once. You need to be good at what you do.

Figure out how to motivate yourself. One of the hardest parts about being your own boss is that you’re literally in control of how much you work, when you work, and what your work consists of. You need to be able to motivate yourself to work on a regular basis, otherwise freelancing won’t be a viable option for your career. For example, you might find that getting out of the house and going to a different location will make all the difference.

Take advantage of your freedom. Although it can be an issue for some, the freedom you get from being a freelancer can actually do wonders for your work ethic if you can control yourself. If you feel unproductive or that your work is at a standstill, get outside and enjoy yourself. You don’t need to worry about when you take a break when you’re your own boss. If it’s a nice day and you just can’t get motivated to work, there’s no issue if you want to play now and work later.

Amy Koughan enjoys being a freelancer, but she does admit it can be difficult to motivate herself.

Amy Koughan