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Mesopotamia's Art/Architecture


Mesopotamian's had a lot of interesting art. They made jewelry out of imported gold, silver, and gems. They also made cylinder seals. These were stone cylinders engraved with designs. When rolled over clay, each seal would leave an imprint. Each seal had it's own individual imprint.


Mesopotamian's built ziggurats, which were pyramid-shaped temples or towers. The main building block that they used for houses were bricks made out of mud.

Cylinder Seals

Mesopotamia's Achievements

The more Mesopotamian society advanced, the more achievements they made. One of these achievements was the invention of the wheel. They eventually used the wheel to build chariots and pottery wheels.

Another achievement they made was irrigation systems. Irrigation systems were a series of canals dug into the ground to control water for farming.

Mesopotamian's also had the first written laws, called Hammurabi's code. This was a set of 282 laws written in stone that dealt with almost every part of daily life.                                 

Hammurabi's Code

Mesopotamia's System of Writing

Mesopotamian's used cuneiform as their system of writing. Since they didn't have pen, pencils, or paper, they used sharp tools called styluses to make wedge-shaped symbols on clay tablets. They also used pictographs, which were picture symbols. As time went on, the pictographs became better.                                

Cuneiform Alphabet

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