Amy Yasko

Dr. Amy Yasko Treats Autism with Genetics and Nutrition Based Protocol

Autism expert Dr. Amy Yasko combines her background in microbiology, immunology, and natural medicine in the Yasko Protocol, her plan for children diagnosed with the condition. Her unique approach includes Nutrigenomic Testing, a process that identifies specific genetic abnormalities—known as single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). Dr. Amy Yasko looks at 30 genes that focus on the methylation pathway—a nutritional pathway central to health and wellbeing.

While test results are pending, Dr. Yasko suggests parents begin the protocol and modify their child’s diet. Avoiding certain ingredients, such as MSG, maltodextrin, and aspartame may mitigatate excitoxicity and help reduce chronic inflammation and possible nerve cell death. Dr. Yasko suggests supplements and nutrients during Step One. The exact nutritional supplementation varies according to the individual's needs and is customized based on the results of the nutrigenomic test among other biomedical testing that can be performed.

Dr. Yasko works with parents in Step Two to identify and remove environmental triggers such as heavy metals. Step Three of the protocol focuses on nerve regeneration and repair. Depending on the individual, long-term management of diet and nutritional supplements plays a critical role in each person's ability to recover. As Dr. Yasko says, “When it comes to recovering our children, it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon!”

American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists Host Conference

With years of experience in integrative healthcare, Dr. Amy Yasko has been Director of Neurological Research Institute, LLC, based in Bethel, Maine since its inception in 2004. Dr. Amy Yasko belongs to a number of industry-based organizations, one of which includes the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS).

Established in 1986, the AAPS strives to advance the careers of pharmaceutical scientists and develop products to improve health across the globe. Its approximately 10,000 worldwide members work in government, academia, industrial, and research institutions.

To reach its global audience, the AAPS hosts an annual conference for members to convene and share ideas. The 2016 conference and exposition, scheduled for November 13 through 17 at Denver’s Colorado Convention Center, will feature a career fair as well as abstracts and posters. Scientists and graduate students will also have an opportunity to be recognized and rewarded for their contributions to pharmaceutical sciences by winning prestigious awards.