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You may all know that, but in the last weeks, a big virus named Ebola, has killed a lot of persons in Africa and in the country around Africa. The virus started there and the entire world was scared that the Ebola enter into the other country because there was no antivirus made to help the victim of this virus at the beginning. In matter of fact, this virus succeeds to enter in another country such as the United States.

The first diagnosis of Ebola how was given in the United States was a man in the hospital of Dallas, Texas. This patient left Liberia a few days before he finds out that he had the Ebola. He left Liberia on September 19. He arrived in the United States the day after, on September 20. He had no symptoms when he left Liberia. It’s only the 30 of September, in a hospital in Dallas, that he learns from the doctors that he had the Ebola. It was the first case of Ebola outside of Africa. All the persons that he has been in contact with since he arrived in the United States have been kept in observation for 21 days to be sure that they had no symptoms of Ebola. Unfortunately, the patient passed away on October 8.

There have been a few more cases of Ebola in the United States. The total as we speak is 4 cases and one death. On October 10, a healthcare worker has been tested positive for Ebola. This worker had provided care for the patient how passed away on October 8. He was discharged on October 24. Another healthcare worker how provided care for the patient how passed away was tested positive for Ebola on October 15. He recovered and was discharged on October 28. The last case in the United States is a man how went in Guinea to provide some health care. He was tested positive when he came back in New-York on October 24. He recovered and was discharged on November 11.

Some fast facts:

Guinea: 1878 cases, 1142 deaths

Liberia: 6822 cases, 2836 deaths

Mali: 4 cases, 4 deaths

Nigeria: 20 cases, 8 deaths

Senegal: 1 case, 0 death

Sierra Leone: 5368 cases, 1169 deaths

Spain: 1 case, 0 death

United States: 4 cases, 1 death

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