The Start of a New World

By: Mikey Nardella

3rd Period

Top Ten

10: Land Bridge- People crossed an ice bridge that went over the Bering Strait into the new world. They were following the animals that were crossing it. That made them eventually get into North America.

9: Mesoamerican Civilizations- The Olmec, Mayans, and Aztecs are all civilizations of early Mexico. The only civilization that is not a part of Mexico is the Incas. They were a part of South America near Chile.

8: Christopher Columbus- Christopher Columbus was Italian but explored for Spain. He wanted to go to India but instead he landed in the Bahamas and then later he went into the New World.

7: Hernan Cortez-  He was a Spanish explorer and was the one who made the Aztecs die off.   

6: Conquistadors-  The conquistadors were also Spanish explorers that would want to conquer other civilizations.  They wanted "gold and glory."

5: Jamestown-  Jamestown was the first English settlement in the New World.  The Virginia Company came over and settled in Jamestown.

4: Plymouth-  The Mayflower came over to Plymouth and the First Thanksgiving was held there.

3:  Roanoke-  The Roanoke colony was a settlement that disappeared.  There is no evidence on how they disappeared.  In a tree someone wrote "croatoan."

2: French and Indian War-  In the French and Indian war it was the British against France and the Native Americans.  The British won a lot of land.

1: Tensions with England-  Most of the problems that America had with England was the taxes.  America did not believe that they should pay taxes to England when they didn't even want to be a part of them.


Crossing the Land bridge 6000 B.C.

Christopher Columbus' Voyage 1492 A.D.

Aztecs, Mayans, Olmecs 1500 A.D.

Hernan Cortes 1519 A.D.

Colony of Roanoak 1587 A.D.

Conquistadors 1600s A.D.

Jamestown 1607 A.D.

Plymouth 1620 A.D.

Tensions with England 1700s A.D.

French and Indian War 1754 A.D.


Christopher Columbus was born in October 31st 1450, and died May 20th 1506. He was born in Italy but he would sail for Spain. He was in the middle class and at a young age he became a wool weaver. He first went to sea when he was 10. Then he got a job to ship valuable things to North Europe.

He was sent by Italy to do it. Later he left his wife and then got a new one. It was a 20 year old orphan. Christopher Columbus then started to trade along the West coast of Africa. Columbus was going to look for a water passageway to Asia.

People wanted to go to Asia because there was valuable things there. If they found a quicker way over to Asia then it would be a more dangerous but faster way over to there. He came over to the New World trying to look for the West Indies and instead he landed in the Bahamas. He then got into Florida.

Newspaper Article

The people that went over to the New World have established a colony! They have named it Jamestown. It is the first permanent colony that is in the New World that is for England! The Virginia Company will be finding resources to bring back to England to sell. There are reports on new things that have been found. There are new plants that are there that are good. But times there are tough in Jamestown. There is conflict with the Natives and there has already been two battles.

People are dying from starvation and disease. We need more people to come to Jamestown to help us. If you want to help go to the bay at noon. Who knows, maybe you will have a better life!


Hernan Cortes was born in 1485 and died December 2nd, 1547. He was born in Spain and lived a full 60 year life. His father’s name is Martin Cortes de Monroy and his mother’s name is Maria Cortes. Hernan is second cousins with famous conquistador Francisco Pizarro. Hernan was also a famous conquistador. He overthrew a great Mexican empire called the Aztecs. Then in 1541 he went back to Spain where he would eventually die six years later. He will be remembered.

Recipe For Gruel


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  • Spoon
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Making and cooking it Always wash your hands before preparing food.

  1. Mix the oatmeal with a little cold water to make a paste
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By the Numbers

In the French and Indian War there were over 5,000 deaths. The war lasted for about nine years and it resulted as a British win.

The fall of the Aztecs resulted in more than 200,000 deaths. Hernan Cortes and the Spanish army defeated them.

In the Jamestown settlement there was 440 deaths out of 500 people. People were not used to the conditions and they would die from starvation or sickness. They were also not good allies with the Native Americans.

In the colony of Roanoke, we don’t know if they all died or they just disappeared. That is why they call it the lost colony.

On the way over to the New World on the Mayflower there was 50 deaths. They were all from starvation and illness.

When the Native Americans crossed the landbridge they killed off all of the wooly mammoths. They followed them over to the New World.

The Olmecs and Mayans all died off from drought.

In the Revolutionary War there was over 125,400 deaths. Most of it was from disease.

Hernan Cortes killed 272,400 Aztec people. Only 400 Spaniards died.


On this map it shows the colonies of early America. Jamestown, Plymouth, and Roanoke. Jamestown was the first permanent English settlement and the Virginia Company was there bringing crops and selling them in England. Life was really hard there for a while until the colonists stopped being gentlemens. They also had a big conflict with the Native Americans. They would keep attacking each other over and over.

Plymouth was the colony that had the first thanksgiving. Colonists came over from England on the Mayflower because they wanted to get rid of the king’s rules. That is why they made the Mayflower Compact. The relationship between the colonists and the Native Americans was a lot better than Jamestown’s was. They even had the first thanksgiving with one another.

Roanoke was one of the first colonies but never became a permanent one. It disappeared mysteriously and people still do not know how it happened. One of the only pieces of evidence was the word “croatoan” carved into a tree.


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