Share Space?

English Persuasive Essay

When astronauts go up into space and come back,they retrieve lots of observations and excellent information to help us learn about space. Should all civilians be able to do that? No they should not because it is extremely expensive, very dangerous, and astronauts can be more productive.

To start off, space travel is extremely expensive. From my background information, NASA would probably become bankrupt from this because the U.S. government is not funding them anymore. To make a spacecraft, it costs millions of dollars and with fuel and state of the arc technology, even more.Also to be able to afford to go on this trip,the person would have to be extremely wealthy.

Next, space travel is very dangerous. In the past, many space crafts have exploded coming into Earth's atmosphere and many have ran out of fuel and lost in space.Even though space crafts have some of the best technology in he universe, accidents still do happen. Why would people want to risk their lives for this?

A lot of people say that going into space is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and it is but wouldn't we rather be a lot more productive sending trained astronauts into space to help get good information on it? Doing this would save peoples money, time, and help put more astronauts to use.

As you see, civilians shouldn't be allowed to go up into space like astronauts. Their are many things that can happen in space. It is not the thing that normal civilians should do. These were the three main reasons why they shouldn't but their are many more.

By: Marty Frolik

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