drug abuse

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by: shayne liller

teen drug abuse is bad in "merica"

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3 years ago

Here is some facts about teen drug abuse

◦Almost 50% of high school seniors have abused a drug of some kind.
◦By 8th grade 15% of kids have used marijuana.
◦43% of high school seniors have used marijuana.
◦8.6% of 12th graders have used hallucinogens – 4% report on using LSD specifically.
◦Over 60% of teens report that drugs of some kind are kept, sold, and used at their school.
◦1 in every 9 high school seniors has tried synthetic marijuana (also known as “Spice” or “K2”).
◦1.3% of high school seniors have tired bath salts.
◦64% of teens say they have used prescription pain killers that they got from a friend or family member.
◦28% of teens know at least 1 person who has tried ecstasy.
◦7.6% of teens use the prescription drug Aderall.
◦Over 5% of 12th graders have used cocaine and over 2% have used crack.
◦More teenagers die from taking prescription drugs than the use of cocaine AND heroin combined