Ferdinand Magellan

Chelsea Green, Hour 3

Ferdinand Magellan was born in Sobrosa, Portugal. He was born from Rui de Magalhaes and Alda de Mesquita. His parents had ties to the royal family, so when they died, he became a page for the Portuguese queen.

Ferdinand Magellan, 1480-1521

Magellan's first sea voyage was in 1505, the Portuguese king sent him to India to help install Francisco de Almeida as the Portuguese viceroy (appointed to rule the country).

His first sea voyage to India in 1505 to help Francisco de Almeida.

After failing to help Francisco, Ferdinand was accused of illegally trading with Moors and loses all employment with Portugal.

Later, Magellan believed that the Spice Islands could be reached by traveling west through the New World. He tried to convince the king of Portugal, Manuel I, but he was denied any funding. He then managed to persuade the Spanish king and was given 5 Spanish ships and 270 men.

A painting of the five ships.

The fleet traveled across the Atlantic Ocean until stopping for supplies in South America (Rio de Janeiro). It wasn't until 1520 that they started crossing the Pacific Ocean. After landing in the Philippines, they made peace with a tribal king, and were convinced into a battle that Ferdinand was killed in. (Battle of Mactan) After his death, the remainder of his crew continued west and completed the first circumnavigation of the globe.

Ferdinand's voyage to find a rout to the Spice Islands.

Although he died before it happened, Ferdinand is credited with the first circumnavigation of the earth.

He also discovered the Strait of Magellan, named the Pacific Ocean and named South America's Tierra del Fuego. Magellanic Clouds in space were named after him (his crew was the first to view them while sailing the southern hemisphere. Most important is his realization of the extent of the earth.

Magellanic Clouds in space.
The Strait of Magellan

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