California Gift Baskets – A Collection Of Your Favorite Wines For Your Favorite Person

Gifting can be a big hassle when you want to thoroughly impress the person on the receiving end of the line. Sophisticated presents are hard to find and the ones available rarely speak of the class, elegance and good wishes that you wish to convey to the receiver. Usually gifts are just the run-of-the-mill, well decorated affairs that are high on glamour and packaging but lack on substance. But there are still ideas that you can try to make the entire gesture of giving away a present to a special someone interesting and enjoyable!

First, I would bid you to move forward from the world of gifting a simple item to the world of gift baskets. A unique collection of articles that you handpick, keeping in mind the taste of the receiver and the kind of message you want to convey – now that is something that you can never expect to find in a single gift item. That is why unique gift baskets happen to be all time favorites for people all over the world. And you can play around with the idea extensively! Add in things that you feel complement each other and make a basket around any theme that suits your fancy. The amount of creative freedom that comes with gift baskets is astounding.

Now that you have decided to stick with the idea of giving away a customized gift basket to your special someone, I have here an idea that the receiver of your present will go completely ga-ga over. We all know that California is known for its amazing wines and spirits. My suggestion would be to put together a California gift basket with the best and most delectable wines you can find in the region, combine some cheeses and chocolate to complement the flavours of the wines and voila – you have an elegant, classy and sophisticated gift basket ready that speaks volumes about the respect and affection you feel towards the person receiving it.

Napa valley has a huge hub of winemakers that can offer you a huge range of affordable wines to choose from. You can go for a three wine or four wine California gift baskets and add a selection of chocolates and different types of berries for added effect. Strawberries will be the best choice here as they go well with almost all kinds of wines. The purchase will be relatively affordable for you as well. These wines, since they are manufactured much closer to home than the usual choice of Italian wines, are much easier on your pocket and still bring the requisite amount of class to the gift.

Buying California gift baskets with a selection of good wines and complementary delicacies can cost you anywhere $65 to $100 – a relatively cheap price considering the high end items you are including in your present. Various websites offer the services of customizing and sending these gift baskets as per your requirements.

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