Where does light come from?

Where does light come from?

The light come from a white line that when it hits a surface it bends and it makes Different color lines.

Were does the white line come from?

The white line is amde by a mixture of all wave lengths. Then it turns visible with spectrum.

What are gama rays?

Gama rays have the shortes wavelengths. It only happen if a massive star explotes with a super nova.

What are x-rays?

The brigth white areas that are in the rim around the cartwheel of the galaxy.

What is infrared?

Its the dust of the milky way. And it reveals 3 baby stars.

What are microwaves?

Its the left over heat from the big bang. Its 2.7k above absolut 0 wich is cold as your body can get.

How can we use light energy?

We only use the energy to measure the composition and the heat of things. And the boomerang is the coldest object in space.

How can we use spectrum?

We can use spectrum to see invisible things during the day.

How do we see colors?

In the whole earth the is colors. But the colors are part of the visible spectrum.

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Cool picture and great information! You should have included more picture to help explain the information.