Anastasia Romanov

Anastasia was born on June 18, 1901, in Peterhof, Russia.  She also grew up their.  Anastasia and her family traveled around Russia to get to their different palaces.  You might wonder… How do many people know about Anastasia when this was more than 100 years ago? Many people know her by pictures, diaries she wrote, where she died, and her house.  She grew up with three older sister: Maria, Olga, and Tatiana. Anastasia grew up with an younger brother, Alexey.

Anastasia was the most naughty kid in the family.  She was taught three languages: English, Russian, and French.  Back then girls and women wore dresses, but that did not stop Anastasia's fun.  She would go sleding in the winter and climb trees in the summer.

Anastasia Romanov


In Anastasia's last year her family was arrested by the communism parties of Bolsheviks.  On July 17, 1918 early on in the morning her family was told to come down to the cellar, the shooting began.  after the shooting they threw the Romanov family into a ditch.  In 1970 people found them and had a real funeral.  All these years people remember the Romanov family and how brave they were.

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