~Alia nobis lucem tenebras inferemus~

Flag Symbolism

White: The "light"/"good" piercing through the "dark"/"evil." (The rebellion fighting against the oppression of Graecia )

Black: The "darkness" that is trying to control/oppress us. ( The "darkness" meaning the government.) Also stands for war, a war that we will wage against the government of Graecia for our freedom.

Red: The energy, strength and determination in order to fight against the domain of the society. Also represents the lives of many of our fallen soldiers.

The Black Sword: It is a silhouette of a sword and it represents how we fight in the shadows to free the people from Graecia.

Constitution Of Anathema

Constitution of




From this day forth this glorious country shall be know as Anathema to all.



The purpose of this country is to protect and liberate its current and future citizens from any harm, unjust treatment from the government. In this new order citizens will be free to choose the path through which their lives will lead.


To become a citizen of Anathema one must be willing to contribute to the country. Meaning that one must contribute with either knowledge, labor, and or money (to keep the government running).

Citizens must be kind and understanding of others. One should help when other are in need of such. Citizens must not discriminate against other under no circumstances.

If citizens believe that there is ever anything wrong with/in the new government and or government leaders then it is their right, if not responsibility to voice their concerns.


  • A council of ten people shall be the overhead leaders. They will all have the same power. These people will be voted in and approved by the people of Anathema. Only trustworthy, loyal, and caring people should be elected into position. These should be open minded, thoughtful people that do not make any rash decisions. The citizens may vote in whomever they choose but keep these suggestions in mind. The council should meet once a week but may meet more often if needed. When making a decision the council members must list,say, or share in any other way information pertaining to the topic and also listen with open ears before reaching a decision. Then the council members must voice their choice, in the event that an agreement has not been reached then they must vote. If the vote is tied then the councilmen and councilwoman must let the people decide.
  • There will be policemen and policewoman to protect the people of Anathema. These people must pass a test that will determine their physical health, their mental health, their honesty, their morals, their compassion,their understanding of others, and their corruptibility. People taking the test, if they want to become an officer then they must pass all test. (P.H.T. with a 80% or higher, M.H.T. with a 90% or higher, H.T. with a 80% or higher, M.T. must be approved by 25 that are currently in the force, C.T. with a 80% or higher, U.T. with a 80% or higher, and Corruptibility test with a 100% that they will not become corrupted.) While police officers must be compassionate and understanding they must also be willing to make difficult and fast decisions at times. They also must understand that they are still police and that they are there to maintain peace and order, and to bring criminals to justice. That said they must not let their compassion and understanding get in the way of them doing their job.
  • There shall be judges to give fair and impartial judgement and an adequate sentence to any person that has committed a crime. They must be completely impartial to any criminal that he/she might be judging. If the feel that the can not be impartial then it is their responsibility to withdraw from the case and allow a replacement judge to take over. Judges will be chosen by the citizens of Anathema, though this does not guarantee that they will become judges for they must also pass a series of test to make sure they will deliver fair judgement. They must complete the following test; a mental health test, an honesty test, a morals test, a compassion test, an understanding test, and a corruption test. (They must achieve the same scores as listed in in the previous paragraph, the same scores as the police officers.)

(All test have been created by a team of 100+ scientist and have been approved by all citizens of Anathema)


The government must always protect citizens and their freedoms. Government officials must always keep in mind the “voice of the people” (what the citizens might want/wish) whenever making any decisions concerning Anathema and/or it’s citizens. Whether the decision may seem big or small, the same amount of thought should be placed in the decision.


  1. Citizens shall be free to do as they will (as long as it does not violate any other laws). They cannot be forced to do something of which the have no desire by any government officials, of any other fellow citizen. Only minors must do as told by their parents as long as it does not violate any other laws.
  2. Citizens must never kill any fellow citizens or government officials for any reason. If person did this in self-defense then the case must be overseen by an impartial government official. Premeditated murder will have harsh consequences, one may receive life in prison, and a fine from (insert amount) up to (insert amount).
  3. Citizens may not steal any objects/belonging to another. This is unfair to the original owner, for he/she has had to work to obtain this object. Citizens may only obtain belongings through work or as gifts from others. (This law is under review)
  4. Governments must never use their position to take advantage of anyone or anything. People given a position in the government by the people were placed there because of the trust the people gave them, therefore if government officials break this law an investigation shall be put in place and if evidence is found against said official. If found guilty by an impartial judge, then they will removed from their position and they will lose any benefits they once had because of their job.
  5. The government must try to always protect their citizens. We must try to avoid war if at all possible, if war is unavoidable then only willing citizens will join the army, navy, et cetera. This law will only be nullified in a case of extreme emergency, which will have to be decided by the people. To declare a state of extreme emergency a minimum of 75% of voting citizens must vote yes, or an equivalent, to the state of emergency.
  6. Information shall never be withheld from the citizens of Anathema. If the government were to keep information from the public then they might do things that the people may not approve of (e.g. torture, human experimentation, etc.) This would go against the very thing we are trying to protect, and thus we would become like those we are trying to defeat.
  7. The government may never torture any human being for any reasons whatsoever. Torturing humans is inhumane and is one of the things we worked to get rid of when we fought Graecia. If we succumb to this we will, again, be no better than our past oppressors.
  8. Every citizen shall be given fair and equal treatment. No establishment (e.g. hospitals, restaurants, shops, etc.) has the right to be discriminatory to any other person for any reasons. Every human is born equal and should be treated as such.
  9. Every citizen has the right to work and must receive a fair, adequate pay for their work.
  10. All citizens have the right to voice their concerns to the government without any repercussions. Their comments may be done publicly or anonymously if desired. If done publicly then there is the possibility that they will be called in by the council to explain thoroughly their concerns.
  11. Citizens have the right to receive health care if they are injured, or if they are ill. If they can not pay the health care and/or medicine, then their case may be reviewed by a group of judges. The judges will decide whether they must pay (this may be in payments, or altogether) or if they qualify to receive free medical treatment. Every case is different and unique so no result may be guaranteed. If the desired result is not achieved then the person/people may file in an appeal and it will be review by a different set of judges. Once they reach their decision then it can not be changed any longer.


  • Education shall be public and free up to the age of (insert age here) or until the grade of (insert grade here). During this time they will be taught the basics of ELAR (English, Language Arts, and Reading), Mathematics, Science, and lastly Social Studies. They may also learn other subjects of their choosing (though they can only choose from what is currently being offered in their current school) while they are within the school system.
  • Every year students must take a test on the four subjects and pass with a 70% or more to move on to the next grade (or level of this subject). If the test is fail on the first attempt they may retry again after a couple of months. If they fail again a second time they may not move on to the next grade.
  • If an individual does not want to receive/accept this education, then they will not be forced to attend school after they obtain an understanding of the basic levels of the four main subjects (literature, mathematics, science, and social studies) and also one or more subject of their choosing. If they believe that they have mastered all four subjects they may test in these to drop out of school. If they reach a score of 90% or above on all subjects then the may leave school. If they do not reach those scores then they can not take these test again until two years have passed. If they finish school before they can retake the test then it is no longer a concern.
  • After which if the individual seeks to expand their knowledge then they may continue, however this part of their education will not be paid by the government.
  • The school of higher level, though they are not funded by the government, their teaching must still meet certain regulations set in place by an educational board.


The symbol of this flag is two swords. These represent the fight that we are willing to do in order to expose Graecia from all of the torture and the pain that the caused to many citizens and for us to create a place where people don't have to be afraid.


The leader that is going to guarantee freedom and peace to this country is Ayil, who is willing to give up his life for the country.

Our Leader

Thanks to Ricardo for letting us use his picture as or leader.

Our savior is a fierce leader who cares for all of us. He is strong, brave and a brutal warrior. Ayil is intelligent and an expert tactician.  He truly believes in the rebellion and it's cause. With him as our leader we won't fail in our mission.  Together we will defeat Graecia and win our freedom.

His Story

Ayil, like everyone else, lived happily inside the country of Graecia until the day his eyes were opened. He lived in an average house with his father, mother and younger sister.  He followed all the rules and always did as told. He was the "picture perfect" citizen. His sister had always secretly opposed Graecia, though at the time she was the only one. She knew that something wasn't right, and she was going to figure out what it was. Her intelligence and curiosity made her a threat to the government. One day she discovered top secret information. Graecia's leaders decided that she had become to dangers to stay alive. They captured her, tortured her and then murdered her. Although she had prepared for a situation just like this by leaving behind the intelligence she had gathered among other pieces of evidence against Graecia. Ayil loved his sister dearly and felt guilty for not saving his baby sister. Ayil, found these and escaped from Graecia for some time to he need to hide the information his sister gave her life to obtain. He was furious at the government for their unreasonable actions but he was strong enough not to seek personal vendetta. He later returned and revealed the truth to people willing to listen. Together they were the foundation for Anathema and the rebellion flourished. They trained, planned and grew in numbers. They try to make more people aware of the truth. They fight in the shadows.  Anathema will liberate us from the evil clutches of Graecia. We will make a better future for us. After the revolution ends the world will be a better place, our lives will be better. They are fighting for us and they won't give up.

We never give up!

We will free everyone from the cruelty of Graecia!

Breaking the Chains

Plastic dolls, a fake "perfect world"

controlled by society, brain washed.

Freedom, we search for.

To break free from the bonds and chains.

We are puppets tied to strings,

unless...unless we fight back.

We will gain our right to freedom

by fighting back and defeating our oppressors.

Join and help.

Open other's eyes to the truth.

And finally our chains will be broken,

And we will be set free.


Everyone has heard the whispered rumors about this horrid place. The infamous “Room 101.” This place does not officially exist on public records but every person knows it’s there. In here people are tortured physically and mentally, shown their biggest fears, humiliated, experimented on and eventually killed. No one ever gets out of here alive, and even if they were to be released they are never the same. The people that actually survive Rm. 101 become brainwashed puppets of the government, if this even counts as surviving. People are tortured for various reason, one of them being intel. They will torture people mentally and physically. If they do not receive the answers they want they will continue to use excessive force. This in in the end is completely unnecessary, for they possess truth serums. They just like to break people and push them to test their limits, see how far they can push them until they fall off the edge. This is only a small part of the experiments they perform on their citizens. There are people with worse fates awaiting them in Rm. 101. Some are chosen for worse test than this. People are turned into living science projects, into unnatural creatures. These people are sacrificed for the “future of science.” They try to create hybrid breeds by mixing animals and humans. Then there’s people’s biggest fears inside this horrible place. As if all that was previously stated was not vile enough, they will find one’s biggest fears and insecurities, and then exploit them. The worst things that one can imagine. The monsters hiding in the closet, in the dark, under your bed. Any phobias, nightmares, any little fear you ever had or felt, they will use it against you. It’s different for everyone so this is the only way that this area can be explained. Then if a person is still alive after all of this then they will kill them. Their bodies are then cremated and the ashes destroyed. If they had a family then they cover it up by tell them that they have decided to leave the country. The few people that are lucky enough to remain alive are then released, but by them they are not themselves anymore. They become puppets controlled by the government. They will do anything not to go back to that wretched place. Some are trained to genuinely believe that the government is glorious and that Graecia is the perfect country. This is the truth behind Room 101. If Graecia were to read this they would most likely deny all of it and try to destroy this. And if you are reading this be careful, for if you are captured… well you know what awaits you.

This Tackk was created by Lizette Contreras and Michelle Jimenez.

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