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should civilians be able to travel into space?

Space travel for civilians? Not a good idea. The dangers and risk of going into space should be left to experienced astronauts. Civilians may not know what they are getting into, which will lead to a huge waste of time and money. There are many unanswered questions about space. Will we ever answer them all? Probably not, but there are still a number of questions that can be answered with the right use of space travel.

        Years and years of hard work and dedication. That is what scientist and astronauts do in order to prepare to travel into space.  Astronauts are more experienced and know what to do in case of emergency. Although NASA would not send people into space without some training, they would not know how to handle extreme situations. Another reason civilians should not travel into space is because they do not know what they are getting into. If a civilian space traveler gets into space and its not what they expected, they will not be able to get their money back and would have wasted a lot of time.

          Space is very complex. However, here on earth we have scientist who have spent their whole lives and careers studying and making predictions about space.  So why not let them go into space instead of a bunch of amateurs? If NASA focuses too much on civilian space travel, scientist will learn less resulting in people on earth who can't afford space  travel to learn less as well. Scientist will be able to look at some of spaces amazing features in a more technical and scientific way, and they will be able to share their discoveries with people on earth.

              People who support civilian space travel feel differently then me. Many people who are in favor of civilian space travel say that it is a once in a lifetime experience . But it could be your last lifetime experience.The dangers of space are so  unpredictable that you don't know what could happen. Civilians are amateurs, and i think they should leave space travel to the professionals. I do not agree that going into space is a once and a lifetime experience is a valid reason that civilians should be exposed to space travel because if you really wanted to go into space that bad, you should've become an astronaut.

              I hope that by reading this you now see the dangers and risk of sending civilians into space. I stronly agree  against civilian space travel.   By limiting space travel to professionals only, everyone will learn more about the wonders of space.

by Kathleen Levins  

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