Anchor Tank Lines

Anchor Tank Lines Operates Throughout the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and New England

Aboout Anchor Tank Lines

Anchor Tank Lines has built a reputation for reliability and value throughout much of the northeastern United States. Staffed by an experienced team, Anchor Tank Lines operates more than 200 vehicles equipped to accommodate a variety of bulk loads. The company maintains five hubs, each strategically located along major transportation corridors.

Offering around-the-clock service, Anchor Tank Lines responds quickly to its customers. The company keeps its fleet in prime operating condition, remaining available to make deliveries every day of the year. All vehicles are maintained by a group of licensed mechanics who remain on call 24 hours a day, and when off-site service is required, they respond within two to four hours. In addition, the company’s live dispatch system connects each terminal, ensuring that drivers remain in close contact while on the road. With its advanced system and extensive network, the company serves New England, New Jersey, New York, the Mid-Atlantic region, and the entire Eastern Seaboard.

Catering to diverse transport requirements, the company carries both liquid and solid cargos. Its trucks deliver diesel, ethanol, kerosene, heating oil, liquid asphalt, and edible liquid products. It also hauls dry goods, including plastic pellets, non-hazardous materials, food-grade flour, and dry and liquid forms of sugar. In all cases, the carrier ensures that the cargo arrives on time and without accident. Known for its safety record, the company follows strict safety protocols during transport and while unloading freight. Anchor Tank Lines is a member of the New York State Motor Truck Association, the National Tank Truck Carriers, and the American Trucking Association.

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