Consul Debate: Can We Boost Our Economy?

By: Caroline Brustoloni

Outside the Roman Meeting hall

ROME 64 B.C.-Are there certain factors that make Rome's economy the way it is today? Consul Iulius Caesar seems to think so while Marcius Figulus, a fellow Consul, remains resistant to the idea, judging from the heated argument between the two that occurred yesterday at the monthly meeting.

According to Caesar, there are many mechanisms that make a good economy.

"1.) Cheap Slave Labor, 2.) The rich class and corporations making investments of various nature such as infrastructure construction, trade, farming, financing the state’s military, campaigns, etc., 3.) Supply-Demand, 4.) Peaceful trade Routes (relatively), 5.) A single currency throughout Rome," Caesar declared boldly.

Figulus is opposed to the idea, and is quite enraged that he is working with 'someone like Caesar'.

"Our economy is based on a farming economy with not much industry or trading going on at the current moment. Your ideas will only be helping a small portion of the economy. What we should be doing, is focusing on the bigger portion-the farmers. They should be able to pay their taxes in crops; the level of farmers going into debt and then selling themselves into slave labor has sky-rocketed this past decade. Soon our whole population will be slaves with only a few of the rich left."

Caecina Severus as well as several other senators were seen talking to Iulius Caesar prior to the meeting, when he is said to have came up with his ideas on the economy. Figulus claims that "Caesar and I came to this meeting to explain my thoughts on the changing of our economy" and that "he just went off onto a rant all on his own without talking to me first."

The two Consuls are still at war with each other.

Rome's Currency

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