My Recount

Based on my Baby sisters Birthday

During the holidays I went to my baby sisters christening and 1st birthday. I also went to the movies a couple time with Jacob YCL, Heera (my sister), Dilleep (my brother) and myself. We watched the following movies : Wreck it Ralph and Rise of the Guardians. My favorite part of Wreck it Ralph is when they were training in the mountain and my favorite part of Rise of the Guardians is when Jack Frost killed some of the Boogy mans nightmares after sandman dies.

On the 6th of January I went to my baby sisters christening. Their was another christening happening at the same time as my baby sisters (Aatara Asha Mohanadas). She wore a white dress (Its in the picture above). My sister took videos of the Baptism and I took photos of it.

My sister and my

Me and my sister had to wear dresses. Below is a list of my baby sisters Godparents - God brothers and God sisters. I don't know the names of some of the Godmothers of my sister.

  • Uncle Victorino and Aunty Maria
  • Uncle Mano and aunty Monica
  • Angela Patricia Cabuenas and Patrick Cabuenas - Daughter and son of Uncle Vitorino and Aunty Maria

My baby sister did the baptism with the holy water (Picture is below)

After the baptism we went to Fresh Chili to for her Birthday (My Baby sisters). We ate some food there.

This was where we had my baby sisters birthday. The double layered cake was better then it looked. It was made by my Aunty Monica. The cross on the top is a box where she can put her stuff. We only finish the top layer. We cut the bottom part and gave it to people to take home. When the party was over we had to make 2 trip 1 for the presents and the other for my mum and the baby because there was not enough space in the car. Overall my Holidays were the best.

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