Andrea Trisdale: Acrylic On Canvas

Andrea Trisdale has loved art ever since she was a child. It is something she has continued to do into adulthood, and will continue to do throughout her life.

"My art has it’s on unique style; it's my expression and the way I see things," she says. "I paint feelings, not just pictures."

Andrea Trisdale, who lives and works in Austin, Texas, markets her work through Art by Ande ( Her favorite medium is acrylic paint on canvas. Acrylic paints are similar to oil paint, in that they can be purchased in toothpaste tube-like containers and used right out of the tube, or thinned with water. They are extremely versatile, but unlike oil paints dry very quickly.

Also like oils, various shades of acrylic paints can be mixed with other shades to produce a broad color spectrum. Andrea Trisdale has produced beautiful images with acrylics, like her painting "Lost Then Found," which she produced for the Austin Pets Alive! No Kill Anniversary Party. The painting shows a dog and cat beside a leafless tree, in silhouette at dusk. Austin Pets Alive! is an Austin animal shelter where she volunteers her time.

Another of her paintings is called "Rainy Day Bliss." It is similar to "Lost Then Found" in that it shows its subjects in silhouette: in this image, a man and woman share a kiss beneath an umbrella. Andrea Trisdale created the 12 x 16 inch piece for the "Flood The Streets With Art" event.

Andrea Trisdale welcomes commission requests, too. One such painting is called "Birthday," and is a kind of tribute to the Beatles; it shows the Fab Four in silhouette against a Union Jack background, with the familiar, early-Beatles logo in the lower right corner.

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