Andrea Trisdale: The Bottle Baby Program

Andrea Trisdale is a busy Austin, Texas woman who is a licensed realtor. She also owns and operates a small business to market her artwork, and is an actress who has appeared in a number of films, TV shows, and commercials.

She is also active in various community groups, including Austin Pets Alive!, an animal shelter and rescue group. "I love animals, and want to do my part to reduce the homeless animal population," she says. She is active with the RuffTail Runners program, in which she takes dogs out from their kennel and runs with them. This allows her to combine her love for animals with her interest in long distance running.

Andrea Trisdale is also active with the Austin Pets Alive! Bottle Baby Nursery program. This program rescues hundreds of orphaned kittens, who are anywhere from just a day or two old up to about eight weeks. As the program name suggests, the kittens in the shelter are bottle fed by volunteers like Andrea Trisdale. Some of them are sick, too, so in addition to feeding them the kitties are nursed back to health.

As she knows, the bottle baby kittens are fed every couple of hours. Other kittens, known as gruel babies, have been weaned, and are able to eat on their own; they get fed every four hours. The program involves a lot of teamwork and Andrea Trisdale enjoys how all of the volunteers work together and help each other. All of the volunteers are encouraged to take some time to love the kittens and interact with them as much as possible; they all try to laugh and have fun.

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