Andrea Trisdale - A Talented Actress

Andrea Trisdale is a remarkably creative person. She is a skilled painter who markets her work in a small business called Art by Ande. She is also a talented actress who has appeared in film roles, television shows, and commercials.

"I love the art of acting," she says, simply. "I put my all into every role, big or small, and do my best to deliver the writer and director's vision." Andrea Trisdale has appeared in such films as, Mia's Father (Secret at Arrow Lake), and The Hitcher as Sophia Bush’s stand-in/double.

After attending Baylor University and receiving a degree in communications, Andrea Trisdale appeared on Subtext, a TV show originating in Austin, Texas on the CW Austin channel. "It was a live TV show that aired seven nights a week," Andrea Trisdale recalls. "People would text into the show and we would read their messages.

We had contests, topics, musical guests, and more. It was comedic." But her biggest success on the small screen was when she was cast on the NBC show Friday Night Lights, which was about a high school football team in a small, fictional Texas town. She appeared a number of times on the program: once as a bar waitress, and twice as a nurse.

For all her success with acting, Andrea Trisdale says that it is really just a hobby for her. But if she happened to catch a career break? "If there was ever a way for me to act fulltime, I totally would," she says. "I would love to be on a sitcom."

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