Andres Omar Sotillo

International Banking Executive

About Andres Omar Sotillo

Throughout his career, Andres Omar Sotillo has demonstrated in-depth knowledge of international finance. He began as a finance analyst intern at Mavesa in Caracas, Venezuela, having graduated with an undergraduate degree in business administration from Universidad José Maria Vargas. There, Andres Omar Sotillo proved instrumental in evaluating foreign currency payments and establishing a new international portfolio.

Mr. Sotillo then advanced into a management training program with Banco Latino International in Miami, Florida, where he built key experience in investment and liquidity management, as well as in daily reporting processes. He quickly proved adept at leadership, and only a year later, he accepted an executive position as director-partner of Davos Financial Group. Focused on private banking for high-net-worth clients.

In 2002, Andres Omar Sotillo founded and became CEO of Davos International Bank, which expanded the company's market share. He now serves as director of Barnett Capital Group in the Commonwealth of Dominica, where he continues to apply his international banking expertise. He recently founded Barnett Capital Realty, which extends his international finance expertise to the real estate market.

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