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The Massachusetts School of Law (MSLAW) is New England's most affordable and diverse law school, offering a more dynamic learning experience than many other schools within the region for its students. Andrew Crumbie, an MSLAW graduate can attest to the school's statement that its students truly enjoy their time spent there. The School is committed to turning out a bright future for the law community and works to enhance the student body experience and foster a community of support.

In an effort to provide support for students, all admitted students are immediately assigned a faculty advisor to meet with during their first two semesters and each year until graduation in order to monitor academic progress and help improve the chances for students to achieve success. The school provides programs, such as a formal academic support program, that focus on first-year students, those on academic probation, tutoring, peer to peer mentoring, and bar exam preparation. MSLAW also offers first-year exam skill seminars to improve upon students' exam taking skills and test scores. These seminars provide assistance with reading and writing skills, note taking, outlining, practice exams, and immediate feedback on results. These programs help students find the support they may need to push them forward to academic success.

Andrew Crumbie is one of many students who greatly benefited from his time spent at MSLAW. The rich diversity and values found at the school make an impression on many students and resonated with Crumbie in particular who went on to open and manage the largest minority-owned law practice in New England.

Andrew Crumbie

Andrew Crumbie - Law School Acceptance for Minorities

Andrew Crumbie

Andrew Crumbie, is a lawyer and manager of Crumbie Law Group, the largest minority business enterprise in New England. Crumbie and his co-workers are a diverse group who believe much of their success is due to their diverse cultural backgrounds and skill sets. Although this might seem to be a relatively obvious concept, the percentage of minorities employed by law firms within the United States remains low at around 14 percent. However, according to a recent report from a group for legal professionals called the National Association for Law Placement, the last several years have shown a small rise in the number of minorities employed by law firms across the United States. As law school hopefuls look to formulate the best possible applications in order to be accepted, there are some helpful tips minorities can use in order to make the most of the screening process.

1. Choose to write a diversity statement. These statements can set applicants apart. Giving admissions a compelling reason to value you and what your diverse background has to offer their institution is a great way to get a foot in the door.

2. Identity yourself as a minority. While checking a box indicating your race may not seem like an important factor, those who do are potentially giving themselves a leg up on the competition. Minorities with competitive LSAT scores and strong applications may set themselves apart in the screening process by indicating their race when a University is looking to become more culturally diverse.

3. The LSAT is important. This may seem like an obvious statement but scoring high on the LSAT as a minority may not only provide the edge you need on an application but can also open the door for scholarships. You'll be grateful when you graduate that you haven't racked up the same debt as many of your counterparts.

4. Stay active in student groups. Joining a group that pertains to your degree is a good way to prepare for the next step in your education. Taking it a step further and becoming a leader within a group, such as Pre-Law, is an excellent way to show your dedication and work ethic.

5. Talk to Advisers and find a mentor. Speaking with those who have either been in your shoes or know what law schools are looking for in applicants can be incredibly helpful when applying to the law school of your choice.

Andrew Crumbie is one such mentor who believes in empowering youth and mentoring those who hope to become business professionals. There are many ways to set yourself apart as an applicant. As a minority, using what may have once been considered a disadvantage as a stepping stone to success is imperative in pushing the percentage of minority professionals in fields such as law in the future.

Andrew Crumbie - Minorities practicing law – What are the numbers?

Although the United States has seen an upward trend in the amount of minorities and women employed in business, recent surveys still show the percentage employed is still despairingly low. Andrew Crumbie, a lawyer who received his J.D. from the Michigan School of Law, is a highly successful minority who owns and manages his own firm in New England who is hoping to see a change in the numbers in the near future. As his firm sees a great deal of growth and success, he notes that half of the lawyers he has employed are women and majority are minorities. He credits much of his firm's success to the diverse background of the lawyers in his employ who enjoy a very cohesive and culturally rich work environment. He believes this leads to a better understanding of a wider range of clients they are able to serve on a more individualized basis.

Despite employers such as Crombie who offer irrefutable evidence to the success of minorities in his firm, many companies are still behind on the number of minorities in their ranks. A 2011 report from the Directory of Legal Employers Diversity and Demographics of the National Association for Law Placement shows that 43.45% of law associates are women while only 14.54% have reached the status of Partner at their firms. The numbers are even lower for people of color with 19.9% of associates identifying as minorities and only 6.56% of these minorities making partner. This leaves a highly disproportionate percentage of 36.75% of associates identifying as a non-minority group and 73.9% of partners.

Although the numbers have seen a slow but steady increase since the Civil Rights era, the change is simply not happening quickly enough but employers like Andrew Crumbie are making these changes become a reality every day.


Andrew Crumbie

As the owner of a corporate law firm, Andrew Crumbie has seen the numerous issues business encounter at every stage of development and operations. For many hopeful entrepreneurs, starting a company can be an overwhelming endeavor. What once required a focus on the owner's product or service, now becomes a lengthy process of adhering to laws and setting oneself up to limit liability. This area of law can be complicated. It requires knowledge in various fields including real estate, tax, bankruptcy, sales, intellectual property, and employment, just to name a few. Business lawyers are often hired to ensure companies are adhering to laws and avoiding any cause for future litigation.

Businesses are subject to numerous laws in order to best serve consumers and ensure each company a fair opportunity to succeed in the marketplace. Clients, consumers, employees, and businesses alike all benefit from set guidelines used in order to regulate the marketplace and provide for safe and efficient transactions.

Crumbie Law Group, LLC is there to help individuals and businesses alike. Andrew Crumbie, owner and manager of the law firm has spent his career helping others through law enforcement and then receiving his Juris Doctor from the Michigan School of Law. He now handles a large range of business related issues and personally likes to focus his time on promoting diversity in the workplace and equality when afforded the opportunity. His firm has handled law issues for individuals, to some of the most impressive law departments in fortune 500 companies around the United States.

Andrew Crumbie - Corporate and Business Law

Andrew Crumbie