Andrew Huyler

New Jersey High School Student Andrew Huyler

About Andrew Huyler

High school senior Andrew Huyler attends West Morris Central High School in Chester, New Jersey. A student-athlete, he participates in men's soccer, and recreational basketball. Andrew Huyler has also stayed active in his broader community through a number of worthy causes. These include serving as a team captain for Relay for Life, affiliating with the Knights of Columbus by raising funds for the nonprofit, and volunteering through the special-needs ministry at St. Luke Parish in Long Valley, New Jersey. Over his tenure as volunteer, the student met with young people with special needs to teach them arts and crafts and to guide them in sports activities.

Complementing his community outreach and academic involvement, Andrew Huyler worked over the summer of 2013 as a runner and waiter with the Long Valley Brew Pub. His employment history also includes serving the John F. Eberth Association by helping surveyors at a job site.

For entertainment, Mr. Huyler enjoys playing video games and listening to a variety of popular musical genres. He also takes pleasure in aquatic activities like wake boarding and boating.

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