Wonder Character in the Spotlight: August

Character's Tie to the Theme

Kindness had the biggest impact on August because August been kind to people, and August wants the people to be kind to him. August still been kind to people even though they made fun of him. August also been funny to make people laugh. That's one of the reasons why people been his friend , and they  kind a care about August. A lot of people cheered for August when he got the award that only one person could get. That's another way of kindness. At the end of the book Wonder a lot of people were kind to August.

Character Influences

It think Summer and Jack had the biggest impact on August. They always been nice to August even though his face is mess up. For example Summer sat next to August on the first day of school. She was really kind doing that. Jack even went to August house , so that was nice.

August had the biggest impact on Jack because  Jack remember about August , and how he felt bad for him , so he hanged out with him. Jack knew August wanted somebody hang out with him. There relationship was important because if Jack didn't hang with August then Jack wont be able to stick up for him. August and Jack love to play with each other all the time. If Jack wasn't August's friend then there relationship want be so good.

Art Representation

The Scream by Edvard Munch
I pick this picture because I remember people sometimes scream at August.It would help remeber about August face. In the story Jack's little brother  scream at August one time. Sometimes people could make weird faces at August. This is also an Again and Again moment when sometimes people will scream and run away from August. This picture will help me remember about August. People might also make that face that is in the picture.

Video Reflection